Thursday, June 10, 2010


Wonderful day yesterday---lots of fun at breakfast, then outdoors for most of the day. I did the picture-taking, as Chris had to be gone for most of the day, as did DD, who was picking up the goodies and decor for tomorrow's Birthday Party.

I saw a tall, long-legged six-year-old whose whoops and yells and barks and tree-climbing and running on all-fours wearing a foxtail clipped to the back of her belt belie her ethereal grace in a floating fairy gown. I captured the sweet, demure presence beneath her flyaway hair, her ever-running feet---hair smoothed into a clip and topped with a tiny wreath of pink rosebuds, shining in the afternoon sun as she stood amongst the hostas and whirled smoothly on the lawn in her white dress.

And she was still and beautiful, profiled against the old concrete Venus-statue in the hosta bed.

But the everyday girl, the active, laughing little being whose bright eyes gleam even brighter as they look into mine---I love that one, the one of cheery chatter and long stories of horses and fairies and birds, of the careful foot-placement as she negotiates all the limbs of the arbor, making a little house high above, with her Princess lunchbox and her tight-capped mug hooked onto handy little cut limbs for easy reaching as she surveys the world from her eyrie.

She's the girl of the hour/days, it seems, with Gracie buried in her new-found knitting talents and her wee brother all awash in the glories of having petted not one but a dozen little sharks in the tank at the zoo. Tomorrow we'll celebrate her Birthday; yesterday we planned the party, today we pre-celebrated with beautiful parfaits in pretty sherbet-cups, the strawberries and blueberries and yogurt piled prettily, then buried beneath great curls of Redi-Wip, each child allowed free hand with the creating.

They're going to spend the afternoon with old friends, so I'll finish up on the party food. I hope it doesn't storm all day tomorrow as predicted, so we won't have to move the festivities inside.

All the Angels of Glory couldn't help this house.

moire non,


Southern Lady said...

Oh, Rachel, I've loved reading about your little ones and know they are having the time of their lives in your enchanted back yard, with its arbor and flowers and vines and "houses" in the trees ...

Kit sounds adorable and I hope she has a magical and very happy birthday tomorrow. I'm sure it will become one of her fondest memories for years to come.

Thank you for coming to visit me while on your "break," and for the sweet, sweet words you left for me. I, too, am taking a break (we've had Avery Grace since Wednesday, if that tells you anything) ... and visiting Lawn Tea is always so relaxing, like a cool summer breeze stirring the Crape Myrtle blossoms.

Take care, my friend, and rest every chance you get.

Cape Coop said...

What joy everyone is having in your happy home!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

We are so fortunate to have such really wonderful lives and families. So many out there don't! I loved reading this this morning...