Sunday, June 20, 2010


What better time to think of Fairies than on this Cusp-Night of Summer? We've had a long and lovely relationship with the Faery World, and I've been known for quite some time as the Fairy Lady, to a lot of friends and their children.

And what accommodations, you ask, might there be for the Wee Folk in our area? Well, there are a few of the original dwellings, now mostly tourist sites for traveling Fae, who enjoy looking at the old-fashioned places with much the curiosity that we lend to Mount Vernon or Shakespeare's home. I'm sure that the bark furniture and twig accoutrements are a source of levity and wonder to today's society, so accustomed to their modern amenities.

The Tree-House is closed for the day, the candles snuffed, the shutters drawn, as it awaits another fleet of tiny carriages and charabancs, bumbletaxis and flitting tourists on the morrow:

A more comfortable abode, with very nice tapestries, a large banqueting hall, regal appointments, intricately-carved staircases and quite a lovely view of the countryside:

This is a popular stop for the Michigan tourists, as Ann Arbor is quite a destination for all the visiting Fae; the entire city embraces such distinguished clientele, and hundreds of small doors proclaim their hospitality:

Our own dear Fairy Door below, in the corner of a bookcase; it suddenly appeared there one Christmas Morning, and since we keep it well-stocked with shiny objects and bonbons, it's had quite the traffic since. Perhaps it's the choice of sweets, perhaps our own reputations as good landlords---we seemed to have The Mark, I think, much like the hobo inscriptions on railside houses offering a hot meal or shady place to rest.
This Fairy, created by our own original Fairy Girl, Gracie, has emerged to check on the welfare of the baby-in-the-nutshell; he seems to be slumbering peacefully on the stoop in the mellow lamplight.

Some of the doors are a bit mysterious, with little indication as to the type of dwelling within; still others proclaim their owner's tastes, styles, status or interests. I DO think a very comfy, happy Fairy must occupy this place, with its dainty pinks and delicate flowers and sweet dove over the window. .  Her talents would be music, I think, and perhaps conjuring cupcakes---plump, pillowy ones with billows of icing, and her spells would run to Spring Dewfall and Honeysuckle and gentle dreams.

And this one---oh, this one. It has to be the doorway to a cunningly-laid-out little house, with all built-in-shelves and beds carved from the cedar walls, with feathery mattresses and coverlets of down. The whole house would be shining inside, polished wood and brass, with the gleaming kettle on the hob, always ready and welcoming for tea.

Fairy Tea has its own magic, for it never does run out;
And the flavour you imagine will come streaming from the spout.
For each person at the table conjures up her favourite kind---
Lemon, Thimbleberry, Moonbeam---what the drinker has in mind.

But you never spill it on you, even if you drop your cup;
Its Enchantment keeps it safely; you just reach and pick it up.
And the pot stays warm forever, until washed and put away;
It will last the longest Tea Time, for an hour or a day.

And do YOU believe in Magic, and that Dreams indeed come true?
You're invited any Tea Time. For we ALL BELIEVE---do YOU?


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear Racheld..
The last little door stole my heart!
Of course I believe in Fairies...I always have.
How nice to find other that do. I knew there were other souls were out there ..somewhere...I loved this post.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Maybe...I could make a door for our tree...I wonder..have you ever made one, Racheld?? If

Bev said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's not to believe in?

Kat said...

Love this!!!!!!

I believe.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

So cute! I can just see Tink living there.

Those little doors you featured are just about the cutest things ever. I have a hole in a tree just off my back balcony. I wonder if the squirrels would mind if I added a tiny door???


Sheila :-)

Tonja said...

How fun it would be to find a tree with a hole and add a little door. Then just sit and wait for someone to find it! I think it's a great idea. Loved this post! And, for certain there are fairies in every yard of good and kind souls!

Kim Shook said...

Fairies know where they are welcomed. I'm sure that your fairies are the happiest anywhere.

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I have always loved fairies as did my mother and now my grands. We spin many a story about fairies and made fairy sand castles in our youth. I love this post and your darling fairy doors.

Thanks for your sweet I should be getting some sleep.
Goodnight my friend,

Keetha said...

It does not surprise me one whit that you're known as the Fairy Lady! What a fun post.

Kim Shook said...

I have to tell you about this big, tingly thrill that I just got. This post inspired me to google 'fairy doors'. Oh, dear. They kilt me daid. There are pictures and stories and websites devoted to them. I had no idea. I think that my very favorites are the ones that are next to the big people front doors, and except for being fairy-sized, are identical in every respect. Now I'm going to the shopping sites to start planning where to set out the "welcome fairies" mat! Not too twee, I hope?

Southern Lady said...

Thank you for giving us a glimpse of "Fairyland" by taking us behind all those sweet little doors, Rachel. What delightful fairy tales you weave!

sparrowgrass said...

I just bummed a red cedar plank from a neighbor with a sawmill, for the express purpose of making fairy doors. I never thought of putting one indoors!

Beverly said...

Who would not adore a fairy door? Oh, the fun of peaking - and visiting inside.

racheld said...

What lovely comments, and what lovely ideas!!

I DO hope you'll all post your own Fairy Doors, and I'd love to link them or post them if you'd like.

Sparrow---great minds, etc., and Id REALLY love to see your finished products---cedar is a great favorite amongst the Little Folk, I understand---just the scent makes their hair shiny and their eyes bright.