Friday, November 27, 2009


We had a little visitor overnight, so her Mommy and Mammaw and Aunt could be up and out by six o'clock on their Mission To Shop. (Original plan was for Midnight Madness---rethought as to saving energy for The Day---and then for a four-ayem departure to the Early Birds).

Now we're taking Life by the horns and going out in search of breakfast, if there's a parking spot left in this town, let alone an inch of standing room. We were up late---I slept upstairs in the guest room, to be near if needed; at midnight I went up with monitor, book, glasses, and a little bowl with a spoonful each of asparagus casserole and Green Jello Salad. Quite a combination, but apropos of all the juxtapositions on the Thanksgiving Table.

Moire non when we return---Chris got some good pictures. I hope everybody's safe and well and warm, with happy days to stay, and Grace for traveling home.


Robert Walker said...

It was a beautiful sunny Friday morning. Great for shopping and spending time with family. I took some great photos this morning as I chased the sun around all morning!

Tonja said...

I just got caught up on several days worth of reading. Sounds as if everything went off as planned and your holiday was to your liking. I did not brave the crowds today, either. It just didn't sound like fun to me!
Bless you and yours...I'm so happy to be one of your Gratefuls!