Monday, November 23, 2009


Y'all, I SWEAR!!! One of the right-side parts of this page has just poofed off into nowhere, AGAIN. This morning, it was the little gallery of dear people listed as "Followers," but it was back very soon, as if the whole group had gone to lunch, had a rousing good time and a lovely meal, and sauntered back in to be ready in case I called, all looking even prettier from the nice outing and all that wine.

I'd LIKE to call, I'm tellin' you. Somebody who can tell me what I did, or what happened, or how it happened. I've replaced it, by hand, so to speak, once before. I'll do that tomorrow a.m., I hope, but it will take a lot of cut and paste and click here, I suppose. I have a list. I'm never without my list.

I'll surely miss just clicking onto all the old group soon as I sit down with my first cup.


And anybody who'd like to come in here and throw in their own link---that would be just dandy, and right neighborly, to boot.


Indy Cookie said...

Computers are persnickety things! Rest assured, had we really gone to lunch we'd have dragged you along to imbibe with us!! Hope your Thanksgiving is glorious!!

Keetha said...

Be sure to let us know when you find out what happened!