Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We just got back from a LONG walk around the neighborhood---about an hour out in the cloudy day, with a bit of a chilly wind---50 degrees or so. And you'd have laughed if you could have seen me trying to man TWO red leashes---one with FuzzyPup, who investigates a blowing leaf, a dropped Kleenex, a sidewalk crack---with a skitter to one side of the sidewalk or the other, spinning out his leash-length like a marlin on a chair-rod, til he catches up short with a jerk and a little coughing sound.

To which Our Girl, with her own snazzy red Elmo vest securely velcroed over her coat, giggles and chuckles and shouts, "Boo Shoo Fuzzy!!! Fuzzy SNEEZE!!" And runs giggling in her own direction. We did that for perhaps ten blocks around. We came back with rosy cheeks, glowing eyes, two dandelions picked from down the block, now denuded of their fluff by the breezy walk, two tiny green tomatoes---the last of the crop, one slightly-skint knee from all the running, and a poop-baggie in my pocket. Glorious walk all around.

And then I spent a half-hour cutting and pasting from my list---PLEASE let me know if I missed anyone. I plead exhaustion, keeping company with a two-year-old, and my own brand of senility.

But whatever I clicked, it set the names up in order of posting, with the newest up top, how long ago, and the title of the post---a coupla new bells and a whistle, as well.


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