Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Our new back door was just installed, and when I walked in here, all sleepy-slow and ready for octane, I walked past an unaccustomed blast of brightness down the stairs. It was like being in front of one of those Hollywood sky-sweeps that used to signal Red Carpet, glitter, and Gable's-in-the-house.

The solid glass of the door, unlike the metal-bottomed one of yore, gives us all the Daylight Vitamins we could need, and last night, as we sat with our dinner-on-trays-with-NCIS, there was still lingering twilight visible up the stairs. Nice.

So my first glimpse of April was SUNNNNNY, indeed. The whole room, usually in need of a 100-watt or two, is uncloaked, unmasked, and bright as the promise of Spring. It does necessitate, however, a little more attention to all those April Bunnies missed in the total cleaning of this room last week. I can see one from here, drooping like leftover Mardi Gras over by the reading lamp, and I'll have a good inspection while this Light Lagniappe is still on this side of the house.

And so I wish each and all an unaccustomedly-bright April, with unexpected light in your days, and lingering twilight so Fairies can look in.


Keetha said...

It's kind of been a cruddy morning; thanks for this: "...unexpected light in your days, and lingering twilight so Fairies can look in."

racheld said...

It started out as an e-mail to YOU, Keetha, and then I thought it might be a nice greeting to anyone who looks in.

Anonymous said...

Happy April..we awoke to snow! I need some Fairies right about now so bring on the sun! Have a great day Rachel.