Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Image result for Queen's birthday flags\

I love reading the far-flung home-places of the people who drop in here to read, by Google, by machine, or by accident, but I seldom just come right out and say Hello.   I’ve lately been intrigued by the recurring glimpse of a Union Jack and the words “Southend, Southend-on-Sea,” often on my sidebar, and hope that it’s someone who is coming on purpose, so to speak, from that faraway land I love so much.   The very name is charming, bespeaking a cozy seaside stroll, or vast stretches of rocky shore, or sandy hills to the water’s edge. 

I’d love to have you comment, if you’re ever so inclined, but in the mean-time---Welcome, and Thank You.  It’s a nice compliment to see you, day after day.


Jacqueline said...

Love this photo with the flags framing the side! Hello to you too!

Chronica Domus said...

My goodness, racheld. You've awakened fond memories of a special trip to Southend as a child, along with my sister. We were taken there by very nice teacher whom we befriended, and her fiancé. Treated to little colorful tin buckets and spades, which we employed down at the beach, we had a grand day out. I shall never forget it.

I hope your mystery visitor does indeed comment here on your delightful blog soon.