Friday, September 15, 2017


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Sweetpea stays with us when her Mama goes on business trips, sleeping upstairs in her room, and being trundled back and forth to school and activies.   Night before last, her reader featured a new version of the old Kissing-a-Frog tale, with a Princess enchanted this time by an angry witch, and doomed to live as a frogess until a Prince should kiss her.     The story featured quite a few words in Spanish, so as we read in turn, each taking several voices and parts, I would translate and teach her to pronounce the unfamiliar words.  

The tale was of a Viceroy’s family (short explanation of King, in Spain, and you know how we have a Vice President?---who is second in command?---well, Roy is the word for King, and so Viceroys were in command in Mexico because they were the King’s Second people, etc. representing him there.  So that  part was well-received and remembered.

Then came the losing of the Viceroy’s son’s golden arrow down the well, with the promise for its return, etc., as “You will let me eat from your plato, 
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and sleep beside you in your cama, 

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and (most important), give me a beso in the morning.”

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And so, with the several repetitions of this promise, and her excellent memory and inflection on the words---Man, we were moving right along.  And so to sleep.

Yesterday, at breakfast, I said, “Tell Ganner the story of the PRINCE and the Frog,” and away she went---Viceroy explanation included, and arrow in the well, and promise.  Now, that promise was smooth sailing the night before, and she launched into eating from the plato, and sleeping in the cama with flying colors.  Then, somehow, her new-found knowledge and the similarity of the words conflued to hatch an innocent joke that we’d have had to hide to laugh.

She finished her tale with a grandiose accent and a flourish: “And he promised to give her a PESO in the morning!”

And if you do laugh, how do you explain THAT one?

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NanaDiana said...

OMGOSH--Is that a cute story or what?! LOVE it. Those little stories make being a grandparent worth every second of life, don't they? What a fun story. I'd like a few pesos this morning myself. xo Diana

Regine Karpel said...


BeachGypsy said...

Enjoyed this cute story! Our little granddaughter has started losing her baby teeth so she is thrilled and excited about the tooth fairy coming and leaving her a peso or two or three! hahaha LOL Thank you for all the kind comments on my last posts and you mentioned waiting to hear from people in Florida---do you have family or friends there??--and if are they? Hopefully no major damage. That Irma was one BAD ONE. And I heard today there are more of her kind brewing out there in that warm turbulent deep ocean---mercy!!!!! So much disaster, so much loss. I am praying those winds whipping around out there just STAY OUT THERE AND VEER FAR FAR FAR NORTH and away from any shores and any people. What are y'all up to this weekend, do you still have the granddaughter with you? If so---those are the best times! Enjoy!

Ang Specht said...

Dear Rachel, it has been so long! (So long, my name has changed! ha!) I just wrote my amazing testimony and hope you will read it. As for myself, I will try much harder to be a better friend. I miss you!!