Friday, May 19, 2017


Linking to PINK SATURDAY today.

Since Sweetpea’s growing to be such a young lady, I look back at all the little moments of our time together, all the tiny costumes: the Snow White dress worn and faded to a mere wisp of pale satin, the dainty “bride/fairy dress” of fluffy tulle, worn in many a fairy jaunt across the garden,

and that memorable small Tinkerbell outfit which once graced a small green fly perched implausibly on the door.

Our costumes veered into the what-there-was-at-hand, with everything from towels to curtains to Goodwill-bought lacy nightgowns and camisoles and jerseys, with whatever accoutrements could be found in the house, storeroom, garage and yard.

We’ve been knights (AND dragons), as well as farmers, fishergirls, soldiers and sea captains of small boats captioned “Tomatoes” and “Listerine 1QT.8FL.OZ.” and swordfighters for and against every cause to hand. Our travels and personae have taken us to lands unimaginable, and some so imaginary that we almost didn’t find our way home. And always, always, we “boom compenions” were two for one and one for two.

Her taste in toys has been varied, with no thought to gender nor age, and her shoehorn swords and Tupperware armor have been worn with sequins, lace, leather, and Glad Bags, cut to suit.  And her very-young acquisition of her own “maple steve,” (noble steed) has varied over the years in size, colour, talents, and age, as well.

But the one unvarying loyalty is to Prunella, the sleek chestnut who lives in the lobby of the BIG grocery store.   Many, many a quarter has gone to feed her speed, and we’ve had quite the relationship with the beautiful little mare.   And someday, someday, I’ll tell her the truth behind the name, for it’s a funny one, a spur-of-the-moment little joke one day when her daddy and I were shopping, and which sent the two of us fleeing from the store, giggling to beat the band.

We’d finished our shopping and headed for the car, to come upon a spilled bag in the parking lot, apparently lately dropped by a previous customer, and left in its tattered, broken state, with several items beyond redemption.  There was a smashed jar of something with juice, I remember---maybe pickles, and a soaked-looking box of perhaps cake mix, with a little scatter around of dried fruit which had rolled out of the bag.   I could practically SEE the cogs of his brain, as he gathered up a handful of the withery round prunes in his gloved hands, walking back into the lobby and dropping them gently behind the horse, as we ran out of there laughing like loons.  

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Latane Barton said...

Oh my gosh. I laughed and laughed. What fun you two were up to. We need people in that frame of mind in this day and time. So... I could laugh more!

donna baker said...

Oh Rachel, how cute is Sweatpea? Can't wait to see her grown up. I can remember riding on a horse like that. Can't believe they made them that long ago.

Susie said...

Rachel, Why do our little princesses have to grow so quickly?? I'm enchanted by the fly on the door. ...ouch those little toes. :):) I wonder how many people laughed about those prunes. LOL. Blessings for a fun weekend. xoxo, Susie

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Love that story and so will she one day. She is just darling, Rachel. I know you have enjoyed her like I have enjoyed all those wonderful moments of magical childhood---gone all too soon.
I hope you have a blessed, wonderful weekend. xo Diana

BeachGypsy said...

The "horsie"!!--oh my, haven't seen one of these in AGES!! Do y'all still have one near you? There is not a single one anywhere near here that I know of...they surely must've been an "endangered species" and went extinct. So sad. Every grocery had one, sometimes TWO, of those mighty creatures at the doorway when I was little, and even when our children were little. I dont see them anymore---are kids today too jaded with "games" and social media to love the thrill of being on a moving horse?(even if it's not a "real" horse--that was half the fun!---the make beleive!, right?) In my long ago childhood memory, it always seems to be a scorching hot summer day when we come out of the store, the buggy laden with brown paper sacks of cans of Campbells soups, soft white Wonder bread, pickle loaf for sandwiches(salami for Daddy's), triple bagged pop-sicles, gravy train dog food and Jergens lotion. Not EVERY TIME---but sometimes if we had BEHAVED and not "acted like heathens" in the store-- we would be lucky enough for a ride on the beloved horsie....while my Mom would sip on an ice cold co cola in a little glass bottle. The rides were quick but seemed much longer to us kids. I'd forgotten all about those "horsies"--thanks for the memory!
I love the pictures on this post--such a sweetheart and love all those costumes especially the little tinkerbell one! Why oh why DO THEY grow up so quickly.............

Beverly said...

Somehow I sensed where this story was going just by the name of the trusty steed. Does that mean I can join the club? Wink, wink!

Happy Pink Saturday, my dear and sweet Rachel.♥♥♥

GSL said...

Sweet Pea is adorable and would love to see her atop the best thin dime ever spent.

Beverly said...

Happy Friday, dear Rachel. Just wanted to let you know this post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this weekend as "the one that caught my eye". Thank you for sharing Sweetpea and Prunella.♥