Monday, December 14, 2015


I'd like you to meet Eye Fieri, the latest addition to our household menagerie, come to sit between Keurig and Kettle in amongst all the PINK.   She’s a gift from Caro, and will be supervising kitchen activities if I don’t find her in the dollhouse, a fervent game of beanbag-toss, or Fuzzy-pup’s bed. And I'd imagine she might be privy to and willing to part with a few of the delightful recipes from Mole's or Ratty's kitchen, especially if I divulge Caro's recipe for Candied Cricket. . .

It’s been a busy week, getting ready for our little annual Christmas Tea last night, and getting beds and house ready for three GRANDS, to arrive imminently to stay the week, as their parents and the movers work on getting their new home filled and settled before Christmas.

Snacks and groceries and clay and paper and pens and paint and games laid in, beds all fluffy and fresh, both guest room windows wide open to the wind chimes in this unseasonal breeze, and the dishes from last night’s wonderful party soaking in the sink.   Must get to my little doings, and when I surface from all the hugs and hilarity, moirĂ© non.

I wish you all a wonderful week this Blessed Season, a week of preparation, meditation, dedication, and all the love and grace and light your hearts can hold.


donna baker said...

Oh Rachel, I need the meditation part. I am flagging and getting crabby trying to do Christmas. Must try harder for kids and grands.

Ela said...

So beautiful !! You're very talented and creative !!

GSL said...

I'm sure your lucky guests felt especially fortunate to bask in your charming company at last night's Christmas Tea.

Chronica Domus said...

Well, hello Eye Fieri! So lovely to meet you and how lucky you are to be taking up residence in such a fine household where you will be loved, fed, and cherished for eternity.

I adore hedgehogs (which Eye Fieri appears to be), and when I found out I was pregnant that was the first thing I purchased for my future little one, a fluffy hedgehog, which I named Hatfield as I had purchased it from Hatfield House, Queen Elizabeth I's childhood home.

Your party last night sounds like such fun, and I'm sure your grands will adore visiting. Much to prepare by the sounds of things.

Enjoy the week and upcoming festivities with them.

Patsy said...
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Patsy said...

Sorry about that deleted comment can't spell sometimes.
I know you will have a wonderful time with the grand's.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Susie said...

Oh I wish I could come craft with all of you. I miss crafting with my g.daughter Emma. Get pics of the kids making things...or their crafts . Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie