Thursday, June 11, 2015


Kim took this picture out the window yesterday, and it’s quite the perfect illustration for the end of our visit.   We’re so full of the wonder of this time together, so talked-out, over-filled, over-excited, and neither as bright-eyed nor bushy-tailed as when it started, but still enjoying the short time left before they have to go.   We're a little bit morose for the leaving, and quite a bit put out at Time-in-its-Flight, but oh-so-glad for the meeting.

It’s been a never-ending talk-fest, stumbling over each other and laughing til our faces hurt, crowding in the million words, just trying to get it all in during this short time.   We’ll be meeting for breakfast before they pull out tomorrow, and we’re all a little blue for the parting, yet still buoyed and bouncing from the gathering for such a happy time.

It’s been a bright, fun, fast, galloping roller-coaster of a ride---talking and cooking and sharing meals together, and talking some more.   What a wonderful visit, and what a blessing to have such friends.   Serendipitous friends, met through the Internet, and now as dear and loved as kin.

Moire non,


Sylvia said...

Visits with friends and family is always a happy time!
Have a great weekend!

L. D. said...

We have friends like that in which we talk and talk and the times flies by too much.

Patsy said...

You are a delight to read about in your blog.
So glad you -all had a good time.

donna baker said...

That is a rare treat. My sister just left after a two day visit and the kids and grandkids are coming today. I do believe I'll be exhausted come tomorrow.

Kim S. said...

I can heartily recommend a visit with Rachel and her family to fix anything that might ail you. I’ve never met more welcoming, loving and accepting people. They cooked amazing meals (and tailored them to my picky self), took us to wonderful restaurants and let me talk their ears off. I know that, being the kind of host they are, they must have people beating down their doors to spend time with them and yet they devoted a whole week to just us. How grateful we are to and for them.