Saturday, June 13, 2015


An image from Aunt Kim’s travels with Sweetpea---we call the Pink Pachyderm "Miss Pank-eh,"---with a little uplift on the "eh" as we shout in greeting as we pass, much like those car horns in movies when an accident is closely avoided.   This picture is quite a composite of the feelings and all the fun and activity and zany conversations of our week together (though aside from a beer each for the two guys, out by the grill, I don’t think anybody even thought of a real drink, for we were too busy talking).

We kept the iced tea flowing, the table filled with goodies, and the conversation in full swing for HOURS at a time. We ranged from cackles to giggles to (does anybody know what a guffaw sounds like?) to setting the table all a-roar to dazzle Yorick.  I'm sure a good ole HEE-HAW was the order of the day, most times, as well.

  What a wonderful time---disjointed and hilarious, and sometimes I felt as if I were living with the Scalosians, they buzzing through their swift lives and days, and I just wading in molasses, up and down the stairs from crippled kitchen to that full-of-life bright one upstairs, where I could step in right where we left off.  

Oh.  Boy.   Moire anon,


LV said...

Have seen many elephants, but never one like this. Great!

Jeanne said...

Hello my dear friend, We have been in Florida for our grandson's graduations and we have been home for a week. This was our week to box donations for our annual bazaar and yet another week passed by like a flash. We actually slept the afternoon away. I know from reading your recent posts that you needed some catchup sleep too.

How wonderful to be with your precious family for a long visit. I know your home was a time of great conversations, laughter and great food. Most of all, loving family time with love flowing every minute. Our long visit to our daughter's homes was much the same.

Your kitchen which is looking real pretty, had to be a crazy time for cooking and hosting in your wonderful Southern way. Chris did a great job making a cabinet top until the real thing is installed. Thank goodness for Caro to be the wonderful help she always is and that was a blessing for sure. I bet that cheese was pretty much gone at the end of "the visit." Your new fridge looks awesome. Loaded for company looks good. Smile.

I love your pink entry so much. What is better than a white elephant to see. Pink- eh must be a traveling elephant too. She is standing on a trailer of sorts. The little princess in her pink dress is adorable. I am sure it must be Sweetpea.

Time to get dinner going. I am marinating some venison tenderloins. Yum. One of our favorite meals. Every year that we can, we buy a deer processed from a hunter friend of ours. It takes me back to the time when every man in our huge family were hunters. Venison was a big part of our family meals back then.

Get rested up dear Rachel. I have missed visiting you.

Love and hugs,

Southern Lady said...

I always love to see pictures of your precious little "pretty in pink" Sweetpea. Like our little ones, she's growing up too fast.

steelersandstartrek said...


It was so much fun seeing y'all and catching up. My lack of self control resulted in a gain of five plus pounds, which I chalk up to great cooking and my complete lack of interest in walking it off. We really must plan a fall rendezvous somewhere we can stroll among a rainbow of leaves.

Love to all!

-- M

Bev said...

I can't believe that is Sweetpea..such a little lady now! Love Pank-eh.

Kim S. said...

I second my husband's comments. An amazing and wonderful time. I also gained 5 lb.