Monday, January 5, 2015


On this first official Back-From-The-Holidays for school and lots of working folks, I’m just wandering a bit in all the pictures which were snapped a year ago---the bright moments around the table, the twinkles of the tree, the hush of the snow as it encompassed us all in such soft captivity this time last year.

From the little thumbprint picture in last Winter’s album-to-choose-from, I couldn’t for the life of me decide quite WHAT this was---an odd splash of golden yellow on a sea of whites---not quite your usual photo of anything, animal, vegetable or mineral.    And it was simply the beginnings of CORNBREAD---the drys softly cuddling the puddle of buttermilk, with the eggs gently dropped in one-at-a-time.  

Only this time, there were two yolks in one of those splendid Jumbo eggs---a twinning of might-be that missed the hatch to come down the line in that neatly-dozened white box to my kitchen, for the New Year’s bread to go with the Black-Eyed Peas and Collards of the new 2014.   A Lucky Egg for the new beginning---both fresh and shining and filled with promise.    The luck was beaten into that bowl of batter, poured into the butter-sizzle of a black skillet older than my children, and shared on that first day of the year.

And the year WAS bright in most places, with luck or angels riding on our shoulders on several notable occasions---Sweetpea’s escape from an upside-down van in an ice-skid last Winter (“Ganjin, we went swooo and swirrrrrl and upside down and then I was looking down at MONEY ON THE CEILING!”)

And the absolute terror of June, when Chris’ health scare put us all into a dreadful hold til he could heal and have such a wonderful report in November---Thanksgiving, indeed.  He’s bright and joyful as ever, having just trimmed his beard from going about resembling Santa for a couple of months, even to the unabashed wearing of that red-and-white hat, even on service calls, for the month of December.   There’s just something about a man who so knows who he IS that he can wear and do a lot of things which mere mortals would decline---and I think the sight of a fella who’s comfortable with his knees scrunched beneath a tiny tea table, sipping p’tend tea from wee pink cups, is even more romantic and appealing than any table for two with roses and champagne.  

And so, for this bright New Year, I wish you all great slices of Luck Bread, filled with all the flavours which make you happy.   And may all the bread you cast upon the waters come back CAKE.  


donna baker said...

I'd be happy with cake.

Sylvia Cannon said...

What an interesting post,Rachael, on this cold morning. I enjoying reading it,the words so true, so much to be thankful for. Hope you have an even better New Year!

GSL said...

Happy New Year to you dear Rachel and you bring it in so well. Beautiful last sentence and one that might have allowed Mrs. Louis XVI to die of old age.

Beverly said...

We had black-eyed peas, collard greens and cornbread, too. Absolutely a must for New Year's Day. And, I served pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes. Lip-licking delish.

And, guess what? I thought that very day that you must be eating the same thing.♥ After all, it is the right thing to do.

Sending you lots and lots of wishes for a year filled with happiness, good health, and cuties around the tea table.

About Last Weekend said...

Hello, just popped over from GSL's place where I loved your comment. Have not baked in many a good year but I love to eat cornbread...

Jeanne said...

Hello my dear Rachel, We have had a busy several days of company (our youngest dtr and family) and a small New Years Eve party. Eight of us played a card game, Court Whist, and we laughed the evening away until the New Year arrived. Two tables of four. It is a crazy game and so much fun. Anyway, I am back to catch up with your latest precious posts.

You have had quite a year and I am so thankful it has a happy ending.I already love Sweetpea and your Chris is a darling man by your description. You are blessed. Most of all I value your friendship so much.

Your cornbread story made me smile. Especially with the two yolk egg ingredients. I once had a dozen eggs that had double yolks in every one. My children still talk about it. We eat a sweet cornbread recipe called Johnny cake. Beverly says it is my Yankee side. HA!

I am so glad you are enjoying my 'small' gifts. The cotton was such a small bit, I can't imagine what you can do with it. Smile.

Thank you for the sweetest Good year wishes I have ever received. xoxoxo

Love, Jeanne

steelersandstartrek said...

Happiest of new years to you and all you hold dear, milady.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Rachel,

How we have missed you and your unique view on people, events and Life itself.

There is always an optimism to your posts which bring delight to the computer screens of us,your devoted readers. The past year has indeed provided you with scares, worries and problems but here you are bringing joy to our hearts as you share so delightfully the emotions of trials which have been successfully overcome.

You have such a generous spirit which radiates outwards and brings a glow to our hearts. We are definitely the richer for knowing you and regarding you as a friend. To be able to pull up a chair at your table whilst you whizz around the kitchen conjuring up all manner of Southern Delights is the stuff of fairy tales. How we wish we lived closer in order that we may pop over for tea!

May all your Cornbreads be Cakes and may 2015 bring you and your family all joy, peace and prosperity. Love from us both, J and L xx

Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, I came over to say hello and after reading your post once again (in case I missed something)I noticed the photo. Was that there before? I am guessing that the photo is Chris, you and Sweetpea. I am thrilled to put your precious images in my minds eye. What a darling photo to share.

Thank you for your comment about my "Spring" like flowers. The colors do lift our spirit. Bill is such a dear husband. Life is good.

Stay warm in this Artic air and make good ole homemade soup. My favorite thing to cook in the winter. Thank goodness my hubby loves to eat it. ME too.


Kim S. said...

All of here count you as something we are lucky for!