Friday, February 14, 2014


An entire pink room greeted me as I emerged from our room this morning.  Chris had turned on a whole carnival of lights, draped up and above the dining table, over onto the bookcases, spanning the doors of the china cabinet, and swagged over the curtain like a New Year’s skyline.


The heart has been glowing on the table for weeks, now---it’s like one of those projects we used to make long ago, with starch-dipped string wrapped around a balloon, the whole thing given a thorough coat of Faultless spray to absolute stiffness, and then the balloon deflated.  


The table itself had quite a few holiday decorations and representations left over, with the Christmas dishes and holly goblets and a few red paper napkins and two square vases in red and silver.

One little votive-cup, with a never-ending supply of tea-lights, for no particular occasion at all, or any we’d like.

There's a sweeping little light-up angel-in-a-cube, some pink candy canes and a pearly-pinky-tan Santa standing in Sweetpea’s Christmas tumbler.

A tiny set of Easter Egg salt-and-peppers, awaiting the pastels of that table-to-come. 


My favorite cup, with some hot-pink paper napkins, chosen over turkeys and harvest-fruit for the Thanksgiving table, because “these will go.”  And they kinda DID, because we used the Burgundy Plates.  In the chair, there’s even a glimpse of the gaudy sandwich “platter” from our Un-Super Bowl party.

On the right, a frosted-glass lampshade, one of five bought with good intentions, but which did not fit the little chandelier.  We use those outdoors mostly, on the patio in Summer.


And way down right front, my Mother’s wavy fruit-bowl, used for special occasions all the time I was growing up.  It was used many a time for crudite' at parties, way back when they were still just a “vegetable tray,” and mostly consisted of sticks---carrot, celery and cucumber, because that’s what we HAD, when snow peas and jicama were still as unheard of as Sri Lanka.


The stack of pages is print-outs of my Paxton People, just to hold them in my hands. 

 Once, on a decorating show, I saw a beautiful young woman show pictures of the "before" of her home, before she was married, with roses and pinks and lacy pretties, and then the stark leather and steel and glass of the "after," because her husband (an NFL player, if I remember correctly), felt like such frou-frou was just "girl stuff."  I remember her wistful voice, "I had to give up my roses."
   I asked Chris if he were comfortable with all our pastels and pillows and pretties, and he said, in his sweet, rambling way:  "I don't care if you string Kewpie dolls around the walls, just so YOU'RE here."

I hope YOUR Valentine's Day is ROSY as well!



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Anonymous said...

What a guy -the love he gives and keeping life funny full of surprises -

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear Rachel,

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Chris. I'm speechless by this most romantic setting and your heartfelt words. Chris must be the most romantic and understanding man. Love invites the most passionate of statements. Who care about the snow? You will keep each other the song that Sarah Vaughan sang with Don Costa's Orchestra:

"Here we are
Helplessly snowbound...
Here with love locked in our arms
And if the world never should find us
In our hearts, we won't care
For so deep is our love".

Have a great day.

Best wishes, ASD

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

How sweet ! My Sweetie feels the same way, I can buy whatever, decorate however, he is just happy to be here and I'm happy to have him.
Now THAT is what's romantic :))

Beverly said...

I love, love, love it, Rachel. You and Chris are the perfect pair.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet friend.♥♥♥

harleygirl said...

Wow, that's super pink! But really cool. :) Very festive, for sure. Happy Valentine's Day!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Wow - the pinkest blog on Pink Saturday and how fabulous that your Chris set it up for you. Happy Valentine Day to the two of you. xo Nancy

Michelle Pitts said...

Wow...thats def fortunate you are to be so spoiled. Just gorgeous HPS Michelle

Martha said...

Your valentine's was certainly pink! Loved all of your photos! Hope you don't lose your power and that you're not snowed in too long!

Laura Quaglia said...

wow ,what a guy
HPS Laura

Kim S. said...

You know how much I love all that frou-frou! And how much we all love Chris - both for himself and for loving you the way he does.

Laura said...

What an amazing celebration! How much fun.
And may I say-
you leave the BEST comments!
Thank you,

Miss Merry said...

What a guy! Your table is SUPER. I love pink and I am totally awestruck with your lights. What a neat idea! It looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!