Thursday, February 20, 2014


Once upon a time, some forty-something years ago, we sat in our living rooms, watching Mayberry on our black-and-white TVs.  The episode featured a visit from Thelma Lou’s rather awkward, rather plain cousin Mary Grace, and since it was already arranged that Thelma Lou and Barney and Andy and Miss Helen were double-dating to the big Spring Dance, Thelma Lou asked Barney to find a date for Mary Grace.


Barney sumpn sumpn and Andy Hmmm Hmmm and Thelma Lou SUMPN SUMPN!! And Barney shoulders-hunched hmmmhummm, so he and Andy ask Gomer to take her, using the Kiss Of Death regarding Blind Dates: 
 “She’s Nice.   She’s REAL NICE.”


Date arranged, night of dance arrives, three ladies wait in Thelma Lou’s living room.   Three guys arrive, come in, and as soon as Gomer and Mary Grace are introduced, he dashes back out the door.


Mumblemumble, sorrysorry, A&MH & B&TL leave for dance, leaving Mary Grace at home.  


Knock on door, she answers, Gomer says, “Sorry it took me so long. I noticed the other girls had flowers and you didn’t. I had to go two different places to find something with a little bit a pink in it.”  

She asks if THAT was the reason he ran off, and he says that “it wouldn’t be right for you to go the dance unadorned.” 

Noting that they now have no way to get to the dance three miles away, they both say they’d rather just stay home with each other. 


More hmmmhmmm and GrrrrGrrr at the door of the dance, Thelma Lou fumefume won’t get out of the car, they all go home.   As they all reach the front door, they can hear lively MUSIC inside.

R. I. P Mary Grace Canfield
You make me smile, every time.


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Lovely post! I don't recall this episode, but I remember her in Green Acres. We introduced Austin to Green Acres when we purchased the farm. We laugh and laugh at Oliver and crew. Reminds us of some of our own farm exploits.

Chesapeake said...

Your words, your words. I am in awe, as always.

I do not remember this episode either, but as you describe it I cannot imagine that I would have forgotten it if I ever saw it.

Kathy said...

Unlike the others I DO remember this episode. I always liked her in all the things she did. You see her all over in the old shows. I didn't hear that she had passed away. She will be missed.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

I do remember this episode but her mostly from Green Acres as the handy man. She had great comedic timing.

donna baker said...

Her deadpan schtick was the greatest.

Dorothy said...

I'm old enough that I DO remember this episode! Loved it and thanks for posting it!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Dearest, dearest Rachel,

Oh how good it feels to be back.......right in front of your read tales told in such a delightful way.

As we have not owned a television for more than thirty years, we are so completely out of touch with anything that may or may not have appeared on the small screen. However, that is unnecessary when we have you as the storyteller to bring everything to life.

You have been so kind to keep in touch with us over the long months of our absence. We feel like sheep who have strayed. But it is so wonderful to be welcomed back into the blogging fraternity, especially when it means that we can share a corner of the world which is for ever ' Lawn Tea'. Oh how lovely it would be to share a cup of tea and slice of cake right now.....

Hoping you are keeping well and warm. All love, J and L xx

Southern Lady said...

What a lovely tribute to "Mary Grace." That was such a sweet episode and she was perfect for the part.

I, too, am in awe of your words, Rachel. The comment you made about Tonja's post on "All the Way My Savior Leads Me," gave me chills and I know it meant so much to her. Your beautiful way with words brightens the lives and hearts of so many, Rachel ... and I am honored and blessed to call you my friend.

Kim S. said...

Oh, my dear friend! I do believe that you are a good witch. Or maybe Mary Poppins. There is pure magic in everything you do!