Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Looking out our front door.  Even the air looked blue most of the day.


Caro called down the stairs last night, “Mama!   You know it’s colder here than in Canada, than Nome, than in ANTARCTICA!!! They just said our wind chill makes it colder than ANY of those cold places!”  Now THAT will make you think.  

And it was: -14 with Wind Chill of -36, with all the treacheries of some of the most beautiful things.

The Baby Maples I planted some eight years ago, when they were an inch high and rescued as they peeked out from beneath the edge of the about-to-be-removed above-ground pool which came with the house.  I gently dug up the three with a teaspoon that Spring, planted them into the rich, loamy circle from which a stark dead tree had been excavated, and they’ve grown wonderfully tall, standing more than thirty feet, now, snow-laced and magnificent.   Isn't that whole Circle of Life thing simply magical?



The front porch, just beyond the swing of the door---the snow is more than a foot high, like big slanted pillows on a bed, and I'm standing on the bare wood with my toes within inches of the swell.   See the darkness in the right corner---that’s bare grass, for the eaves are very deep, and the stuff fell straight down in great damp clumps, like big ole cornflakes. 

This flowerpot is fourteen inches tall, and I watched it grow round and plump with the dome of snow like a thickly-frosted cupcake, before the pot disappeared completely into that white blanket.   For a time, it looked like one of those big molded-plastic ads outside Dairy Queen--garnished appropriately with a lingering sheaf of Queen Anne's lace.


THE TREE in the back yard---this one is more than a sixty-footer, and is flaunting more filigree than Faberge’s fondest dreams.    


Dear old Weather Bush and Luck Bush---they both finally bowed to the heavy loads as the snowfall went on and on through the night and day.
It seemed so SILENT here, for we've been totally shut down---by Royal Command and Sovereign Decree, as it were, for no wheels rolled save for the salt trucks.   They went about the countryside like medieval carts strewing tribute to the frost-spewing dragons, and the onslaught ceased. 


It was so odd to know such a muted landscape, and at twilight, I half-expected the ghost of Thomas Kincade to come strolling out of the fog, like Mr. Darcy.
May you all be warm safe and well.


Ann said...

This Polar Blast is very odd for the Midwest, we are experiencing the same temps but now as much snow. Winter has a long stretch ahead and we are expecting plenty of snow to come. Your pictures do look like they came out of Thomas Kincade's studio!!!

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Your post makes this cold weather look beautiful. Our children are finally going back to school tomorrow (on a 2 hour delay)after an extended Christmas break.

Dorothy said...

I'm a wee bit jealous of your snow! However, we DO have low temps ;)

A Super Dilettante said...

Beautiful and magical (but I am concerned that where you are is colder than Antarctica!)...I'm hearing the news on the radio how cold it was in America. I hope you are keeping warm. Enjoy the visual beauty of your garden while you are safely indoor, warm and protected. It's always a joy for me to read your beautiful writings (I've read your previous post and I love it too!!) and I feel transported to another world. I've neglected my blog for so long...as my day job and travelling take up most of my time but I am making stories and writing in my head!!

Yours sincerely, ASD

Elizabeth said...

Someone emailed a message into the local TV news station here in northeast Mississippi that it was such a pity we were enduring ALL this freezing weather, and not a snowflake in sight! I see here that YOU snagged the snow from the cold and how beautiful it is! Filigree by Faberge, and Thomas Kincaid walking out of the foggy twilight. I was born in Chicago and recall the winters of childhood as such a happy time of sledding and freezing.

In your previous post you talked about your love of Gladys Taber -- I, too was enthralled with her stories of New England. I had collected her books from the Library Sales in Tucson...and then in a foolish moment years ago I gave them away. It's good to know that there are kindred spirits like yourself out there who remember Stillmeadow :-) I have also been a Tasha Tudor fan for a long time, as I am fairly sure you are, too!

Oh and I grinned from ear to ear when I read that you know "Understood Betsy" because that is a book that I keep with me, to read to disappear into another world and time. Wonderful!!

Hope you're alright in your winter wonderland.

Southern Lady said...

We've had record-breaking temperatures here in Vicksburg, but, oh, how I would love to look out my door and see such a vision as your beautiful snow. Hope it warms up enough for you to venture out soon and make a snowman with Sweetpea.

Take care and stay warm!

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning Rachel, I am sitting here with a cup of coffee and pondering about the decision I made to stop blogging for a bit. I'm sad about it but I feel it is the right thing to do for now. I wrote about it om my blog yesterday. Sigh!

I am delighted to see and read about your winter wonderland. How beautiful everything looks. When we expected snow a few days ago it didn't happen. We were disappointed. It is a wonder of nature to see your baby trees grow up so beautifully.

We are going to Atlanta this morning so I will sign off for now. One of the biggest problems of blogging is our constant traveling.

You are such a dear friend Rachel, we will not lose touch with each other. I'm still hoping when you travel to NC that we will meet somehow.

Love you much,

Barbara said...

Looks cold but pretty. We have not had snow this year but plenty of rain and serious flooding.

Beverly said...

Just too much cold too even imagine. I am thankful that you were safe and warm in your castle sitting in a breathtaking winter wonderland.

Kim S. said...

Lovely! I don't mind the snow, but its been AWFULLY cold - even in VA. I love the quiet you mention. One of my favorite snow features.