Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This is the morning sight that greeted me one day last week---I’d been hearing good things about these marvelous machines, especially from DD#2 and my friend Jeanne, whose mornings are made exponentially more wonderful by having such a good cuppa right there at the push of a button.


We’d had a look a couple of months ago, in the appliance aisle, but passed up this kind for a reliable old percolator, without which we have not faced morning in quite a lot of years.


So when I wandered into the kitchen, not too observant, and not even wondering what the frogs would be up to that day, there was this great Star-Trek machine just sitting there, all comfy and making himself at home like family.   I was so surprised that I didn’t even NOTICE the great big box of every flavor-known-to-man, along with several teas and both light and dark chocolate cocoas, as well.

So we made cup after cup---experiments for the scientific good, you understand, as we learned the buttons and lights and which level was meant for which cup.  (Though Chris DID get a little carried away with the Reddi-wip can on his dark chocolate cocoa along about the third morning). 

Sweetpea’s after-school chocolate one rainy afternoon---she loves to place her cup and push the “butten.”   She's allowed a dozen tiny marshmallows, and uses them judiciously throughout the process.


Another morning, after he’d already left the house, I wandered in to find this dubious character, (put together by this permanent dubious character I live with, and YES that is a Sweet ‘n’ Low spoon.  And Smarty Pants had to stuff a bit of paper towel in the frog’s mouth to hold the spoon in place---that’s how seriously he takes his SILLY).

The charming sugar-and-creamer set was a gift from our Dearies, Lil and Ben, and are perfect for Autumn mornings, with the jaunty pineapple atop the little woven basket.


And how was YOUR morning?


Kathy said...

My husband bought me a Keurig a couple of years ago for Christmas. My first reaction was "Why would I want this?" but now I can't live without it. I love my easy peasy tea and hot chocolate. (I don't drink coffee.) Hubby loves the different kinds of coffee. Sometimes I think he bought it more for himself than for me!

Southern Lady said...

Aww, how sweet, Rachel. It seems that you aren't the only one in the family with creative talents and a fanciful imagination. Love that little frog and the love that went into creating it for you.

harleygirl said...

I've heard lots of good things about these also. :) Maybe someday I will also step into the present day. ha, ha.

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hooray,Your new Keurig is a wonderful and thoughtful gift from Chris. I bet you are hooked by now. Since we are not home I have to tell you I MISS my Keurig soooo much. I AM hooked and bad. Coffee in a regular coffee maker just can't compare. My daughter and her husband do not drink coffee at all. Such is life and I will have to endure in silence, how much I miss the delicious coffee each morning.

The frog is cute...Chris is worthy of your imaginative mind. Creative is what comes to mind. He needs to be creative in self defense.

Sending you a reminder to think of me this week while you are enjoying your cuppa in the morning. BTW, Chris can put Reddi Whip in my cup anytime. Lots of it!!!
Love Jeanne

Beverly said...

I got my first Keurig in 2006, so I am a long time devotee. In fact, it was me that pushed Jeanne. Love, love, love it.

Of course you must scientifically test each brew. My favorite is Tully's House Blend. It is the perfect way to begin my day.

Chesapeake said...

First Cup will never be the same!

Kim S. said...

Mornings stink. Except, apparently, at YOUR house. I love the frogs and that sugar and creamer set makes me wish I liked coffee!