Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Eleven Twelve Thirteen---a once-in-a-century occurrence---once in a lifetime for most.  

Five years ago today, my very first post went floating out into the vastness that is the THERE of things.   It seems that there should be a little remembrance or plan for commemorating the moment, but nothing comes to mind.

You know I’ve been a reader all my life, with books such a great part of the Who I Am, and though I DO know fiction from fact most days, I’m just posting a list of the folks who, by dint of character or spirit or heroic dedication or plain old good company or sheer brain power---though I think I might not LIKE a few of them, I’d still want on MY SIDE, when I needed them.   They’re all IN IT, Banner and Blade:

Charlie Allnut

Samwise Gamgee
Those are the two linchpins of Literature, without whom . . .

Briene of Tarth
Samwell Tarley, Merry and Pippin 
Ree Dolly
Gus and Woodrow
Mal Reynolds and Serenity crew
Chuck Norris (and would HE not have made a splendid REACHER, for all 20+ movies, had the time been right)
Quigley--Orrin Sackett--Jesse Stone--Frank Reagan-Thomas Magnum
Joe Kenda 
Catniss Everdeen  
Lisbeth Salander
Hodor, Yara, Bronn and Pod
Leon the Professional

Gibbs, Abby, Ducky
Neville Longbottom  
Spock, Picard, Data, Seven-of-Nine, Worf & Neelix
Jack Ryan
Walt, Henry, Vic, Ferg, and {Hector} 
Alan Shore, Red Reddington, Dembe Zuma, Mr. Kaplan
Ilya Kuryakin
Reese and Finch, Shaw, Root, Elias, and Marconi
John Wick
 Billy Jack
Eliot, Nate, Parker & Hardison
Jessica Jones & Foggy Nelson
Miss Shambala Green 
Barney, Christmas, Trench, Gunnar 'n' 'em
Boo Radley and Atticus Finch
Tom Joad
Marge the Cop 
Jaqen H'ghar
Opie Winston & Edgar Roy
Wile E. Coyote
Gunny Bricker
J.B. Fletcher
Raylan Givens (or maybe just his hat)   Boyd Crowder
Jason Bourne
Emma Peel   Lady Olenna Tyrell
Penelope Garcia
Dr. Spencer Reid
Andy Dufresne, Red Redding
John Coffey--Paul Edgecombe--Brutal
Nero, Jax, Bobby-Elvis, Tig, Chibs, and Miss Venus van Dam

Frank Castle
Vincent/Hellboy/Clay Morrow
Ben Matlock/Andy Taylor
Lt. Dan 
Aibilene Clark
Sipowicz and Simone
Vergil Tibbs
Louis Litt
Bobby Goren
The Hound
Cobra Cobretti
Murdoch and Crabtree
Christian Wolff
Inigo Montoya
Idgie Threadgoode
Rooster Cogburn
Michael Westen and Fi
Clarice and Hannibal
Mags Bennett
Randall McMurphy
Jack Burton
The Goonies and Sloth
Joe West
Luke Danes
Jo March
Mammy at Tara
Edgar Roy
Clete Purcell
Ignatius J. Reilly
Peter and Elizabeth Burke-best marriage on TV
Lorelai Gilmore
Frank Drebbin
Elizabeth Bennet
Jeeves, though in our last days, we'd hope for the comfort of a Hoke 

 Anybody played by Lorraine Toussaint, David Morse, Clancy Brown, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Eric Roberts, Jonny Harris,
J. K. Simmons, Summer Glau, Kiefer, John Corbett, Duval, Zabriskie, Beckinsale, Smits, Dafoe, Braugher, Todd or Robb, Momoa, Butz, Woodbine, Walken, Keitel, Orbach, Spader, Bill Cobbs, Bronson, McRaney, Plowright, Fichtner, Mensah, Lois Smith, Reddick, Oswalt, Haysbert, Mirren, Sarah Ramirez, Wentworth Miller, Jesse L. Martin,  or the two Grand Masters: Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones. 

Those four teenage boys, strangers to me, who surrounded me suddenly on a silent Eighties street, emerging from the dimness, walking around me like a phalanx of Palace Guards as I passed barred stores and grim faces in the dark, then melted away when I was safely locked in my car and on my way.

And, of course, the realest “Character” there is.   Chris.


Elizabeth said...

Happy 11/12/13 and 5th Blogiversary! I must tell you that reading this list made me feel comforted and happy! Without naming a single book title, you revealed a wide and delightful interest! Thanks for bringing back some fond memories...Rumpole of the Bailey!! Atticus Finch and Mammee, Abby and Gibbs...with each recognized character, I could feel them in their scene and sometimes recite a memorable line..."My name is Michael Weston, I used to be a spy"!

I have to admit that I'm not acquainted with all these folks, but that gives me a list to google and books to peruse!

How about I add one that you may not know...Brother Cadfael?! I'll bet you do know him as the crime solving monk from the middle ages. A Poroit (which I could NEVER pronounce correctly!) of his time.


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Kim S. said...

We are all so much richer for having you and this blog and all your wonderful stories! I hope you know how much you are treasured and loved and what a blessing you are to us.