Wednesday, September 25, 2013



FALL is all rich colors and scents:

A pot of wide-egg-noodle chicken soup, with knuckle-length celery and bits of onion simmered in the rich broth beneath the tiny topaz beads of chicken fat.

Opening the back door at midnight to let FuzzyPup out, and inhaling the wispy home-comfort scent of a neighbor's fireplace. Nostalgia in a noseful.


A far-faraway pumpkin balloon drifting over a fading field.   I'd love to see their view someday.


A vase of golden calla lilies.  I've had them perish to that color, but never saw them fresh.


Caro’s new toe-wiggle rug for the hardwood floor beside her bed---all wool and two yards wide.   It’s handmade, soft as a baby lamb, and both sides are simply works of jewel-toned art, from a walking-distance yard sale.

“My brother-in-law made that moren’t fifty years ago, and we had it down by the fireplace since we moved into this house in ’67.”   I bought it, rolled it, shouldered it, and brought it home like a soft log.


Last year’s wreath, still just as bright. 


Ditto for the burgundish silky one on the mirror over "Mother's couch" upstairs.  
And a bright Hello to my Dear Friend Kim, who has suffered a bad fall, and who will be off her feet for a while.  Wish I could be there to help look after you, BabyGirl.
love and,



mississippi artist said...

Yum that soup looks wonderful-still too hot here! At least in the mornings it is cool enough for me to go outside without passing out!

Kim S. said...

Thank you, my dear. I can't imagine any better nurse or company and I believe that your Paminna cheese and chicken salad would raise the dead!