Thursday, May 23, 2013


When the view out toward the arbor needs a haircut and a shave, and the little activities outdoors tend toward finally getting that old snow-blower snugged away til the distant dreams of ice, there's just a feeling in the air.   The scent of SPRING, right here on the almost-cusp of Summer, and the siren call of all those racks and stacks of plants at Lowe's and Home Depot beckon us all.  

Weekends at Lowe's are some kind of a natural phenomenon, I think, with great baskets and carts brimming with plants trundled into trunks and tailgates by the hour.   I suppose it's our modern-age version of searching the woods and roadsides for sass and cress and poke sallet to sate the Winter's hunger for green.  

We've had a nice team of guys here for several days, off and on, getting us spruced up for Spring, and today the schedule includes a good session with the power-washer on concrete and house.

More plants, more cleanings, tables and chairs and pots to arrange, and the yard will take on more of the air of a retreat than an obstacle course.  Just to sit quietly with Nook and iced tea obtains a more refined air when you're sitting in chairs freshened up and arranged, and not having to choose from the dusty array folded haphazard against the house.  

And whilst I dream of a Southern-lush lawn, sandal-stepped by ladies in gauzy gowns and hats, with a Monet-array of roses and teapots and sandwich stands arranged on lacy cloths, do take a look over at today's FRIENDSHIP TEA.

Miss Linda is a hostess par excellence, with a room specially built for tea parties, right there in her own HOUSE.   You'll feel transported to the most elegant tea shop, the most gracious and welcoming of places and times.  Wisht I'da been there.


Linda Jennings said...

Thank you! I am honored you highlighted my special afternoon tea.

Southern Lady said...

And I wish I could be in YOUR backyard to enjoy all that lush GREENness and escape our Mississippi humidity for a while.

Best wishes to you and yours for a lovely Memorial Day celebration amongst all your new flowers ...

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Rachel, We are home from Florida again and trying to spruce up our yard etc. as well. A big job when a mountain yard is more than an acre. Where is my weed eater anyway. I actually love to weed eat. My hubs has to pry it away from me. Why? because he is not good at doing the job. I care more. My dad loving landscaping and me living in a manicured yard and home growing up, might have something to do with it. HA!

I love to sit under the shade and have a glass of tea and or relax in the hammock. Enjoying some sweet talk with my children and grands is always an upper. My friends here in NC that live close by are my sisters. We do not have neighbors just a forest, except for my sister who is my backyard neighbor. I am positive we could have some wonderful conversations if you were my neighbor, my sweet blog friend.

Now I should go visit Linda.
Love, Jeanne

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oooohh...I loved this post! I have many of the same memories you do. The world has changed so much.
It's a perfect 79 degree's on our patio...and I am grateful, however how wonderful it would be to have such an expanse of space to wander in.
So pretty!