Sunday, April 28, 2013


In these solemn days in Country Music, it lifts my heart to wish Happy Birthday to one of the Unforgettables:  


Willie is EIGHTY today.


Those work-worn hands and that knocked-about guitar named Trigger have been part of some of the BEST music in the history of the world.  


The Sirius was set on Willie’s Roadhouse as we got in the car to go out for the afternoon, and we left the driveway swirled in George Jones, bless his dear heart.   Then as GREAT after GREAT sang and sang---the first leg of the trip included Faron, Webb, Moe, Lefty, Charlie Louvin and Tex Williams---we just floated along on music and memories.


After lunch, we sailed away with Roy Acuff, Charley Pride, Loretty, and Conway.   Several stops later, we wound down and wended home with Johnny, Patsy, Jim Reeves, Ray Price, Ray Charles (he and Willie both turn GEORGIA into a religious experience), the Browns, Ronnie Millsap, and Vern Gosdin. 


What a Birthday Gift to all of us Country Fans---especially the ones of us raised on The Opry and those sublime voices and the sheer poetry of the songs.



On a side note:  I hugged Willie once, some thirty years ago---one of the great surprises of my life was that he smelled FABULOUS.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILLIE.   You've always been a gift to us.





jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning Rachel, I'M BACK! My company is gone, the BIG event is over and my feet are touching the ground...finally. We had a wonderful celebration. Thank you for the special and sweet 'shout out' on your post wishing us a happy anniversary. I am so sorry I didn't get here before now.

We too are huge fans of country music and Willie Nelson is an icon in the country music business. Your post about him is a lovely tribute to his birthday. You hugged him??? BIG smile here. I was about two feet in front of Johnny Cash and on the golf course very near Glen Campbell about thirty years ago. However, I did not get a hug. HA!

Thank you for the most wonderful comments and well wishes for our ongoing anniversary since Dec. HA! We sure had a great build up huh? We have wonderful memories to last the rest of our life. We are so blessed.

It has been pouring rain here for two days. I am happy I don't have to water but all the spring flowers are getting washed away. Sigh.

Wishing you happy days my dear blogging friend. I am so happy to be visiting you today.

Love, Jeanne

Southern Lady said...

Real country music holds a special place in my heart ... and, as George used to sing, no one is "gonna fill the shoes" of the truly great country music legends you mentioned (by the way, I noticed that MERLE wasn't on your list).

Who's gonna fill their shoes? Who's gonna stand that tall?
Who's gonna play the Opry and the Wabash Cannonball?
Who's gonna give their heart and soul to get to me and you?
Lord, I wonder, who's gonna fill their shoes?

racheld said...

Jeanne!! You're down from Cloud 9 and visiting---what a wonderful time you've had, and your stopping to share it with me is just too much sugar for a dime.

And Janie---I started jotting down the Old Greats (don't think a soul on that list was born after 1950) and just scribbled down the ones that came on as we drove.

I just assumed that Merle and Kris sang whilst we ate, or during the time we were in the store getting bird-food. But each succeeding voice just started my singing urge, and I'd chime in on the line before ever looking at the screen to see who-and-what.

But I just KNOW that they played "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies . . ." while I was gone. And I missed the BEST LINE in all of Country Music.

So nice to see TWO of my Dearies as a Morning Greeting, and I hope your Spring is SPRINGING!


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Whe we were younger, we attended concerts and purchased LPs (remember those?) of Waylon, Willie, and the boys.

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning my dear sweet blog friend. I am re-visitng your post instead of writing an email. Thank you so much for your always welcome comment about my "Spring" in the Western NC mountains. Short one this year. Also, about my "swan" photo. The photo is framed and hanging on the wall with my medal hanging across the top. I am shamefully proud of this award. Smile.

Yes, the mountain photo was taken off of our front deck. Our view is breath taking and we are so blessed to live where we have a lovely view of five mountain ranges. We have an A-frame home and there is a wall of windows that looks out to our front covered deck and the view. I will say, the sun can be pretty brutal early in the mornings since we are facing East. I do love the light though.

If you ever come our way you better let me know. Don't you want to come see this view in person? I would be 'thrilled' if you did.

Wishing you happy days. Especially with adorable Sweetpea.

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Oh my Rachel, I am so happy you shared your school visit with Sweetpea. I can't stop smiling at your genius at making an event a memory one can never forget. The hats and your improvised design with Chris's straw hat is so clever. I would give just about anything to have seen Sweetpea's face when you walked in the room. I would bet that you livened up that tea party in a big way. You are a 'love' and it is no wonder that I think the world of you. I totally laughed when you mentioned the stroller cost more than your car. Our car is 7 years old and dinged up but I will drive it til it dies. The only important thing in life is loving someone so much you would do what is in your make that someone smile and be happy. You are a special person Rachel.
Love, Jeanne