Thursday, March 7, 2013



Our wonderland this morning, after days of Will-It in the paths of great swirling blues and greens and pinks all across the Weather-Map.  It was a great wet SOFT snow yesterday, not quite cold enough to send you diving for the indoors, but still plenty to herd you in sparkled and dampened and stomping your feet.


The silvery chevrons of the luck-leaf bush,



And Caro’s careful herring-bone tread to the back door in the wee hours: 

The far back garden, with the great rusting bell encrusted past anything on the Wilton wedding-shelves.   The forlorn small stepping-stool, scene of many a grab-a-rock-and-clang of warmer days, is a pristine little tuffet beneath the cold iron. 


The Birdie-Corner, like a faded sepia photograph with only the whisper of yellow  chair to anticipate Spring.


View out past the firepit,


 which is merely a shallow bowl scooped out of the dirt, surrounded by the ziggy-zag flat grey stones which used to encircle the front-yard maples and petunia bed.  (Until removed from temptation’s way after the night a passing young scapegrace who, from peer pressure or pure preposterone, screwed his puny courage to the sticking place and hurled one through the guest bedroom window, to crash against the headboard with a noise which sent us all scurrying to see if a car might be embedded in the house).


And the tame fun of sitting around that glowing warmth on a Fall twilight, ghost stories and marshmallows the entertainment, is in no way expressed by the word “firepit”---that name will forever conjure the cliff-hanger endings of Saturday’s movie serials, with Jungle Jim or Tarzan captive in the Forbidden Temple, dangling over the great abyss of a volcano’s mouth, whilst the Leopard People chanted and prepared to cut the rope.


(And cut, they did, right at To Be Continued, with no hope for the hapless Hero, until, breathless for the next installment, we settled into our seats on the following Saturday to a miraculous hand-grasp or second rope or invisible projection which avoided Doom yet again. Our own discussions of the lame last-second reprieves indeed, DID, run to heated arguments as to whether he did or did NOT get out of the Cock-a-Doody car/hole/crocodile’s mouth).

Digression.  If there’s ever a time, it’s a snowy day, hushed with white quiet, scented with the bubble of a pot of savory-something on the stove, and encompassed with a sense of remove-from-things which gives a fillip of escape to the order of the day.   These, I think, are the adult equivalent of “SNOW DAY!”---even the paltry ones of my own childhood, when the busses rumbled at the first three flakes past the 'rithmetic window.

Chili Mac and Cherry Cordial Ice Cream for supper, and to all a Good Night.



Southern Lady said...

What a lovely winter wonderland, Rachel ... and your words conjured up so many happy memories to go with your pictures.

Thank you for brightening this "waiting-for-Spring-and-warmer-weather" afternoon ... our 59 degrees seem almost springlike compared to your snowdrifts.

Enjoy your Chili Mac and ice cream supper ... it sounds like a perfect way to end your "Snow Day."

mississippi artist said...

Beautiful snow! Chile Mac sounds good, but never heard of cherry cordial ice cream. I used to love cherry vanilla ice cream-haven't seen any in years-they probably don't make it any more.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Rachel, beautiful and stunning look around your garden. The snow gives me that feeling of true peace and I cn just feel that by looking at your photos. hugs to you my friend. Lee-Ann

Chesapeake said...

Your eyes take in all the wonder and beauty, and then you are able to show the world through your words.

So talented you are, my friend.

Kim Shook said...

I loved my own snow day and thought of you. I've turned into my grandfather - checking the weather in all the far-flung places where my loved ones live. Except he had to make do with the newspaper and I have the Weather Channel website - how he would have loved that!

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Wow, you did get some lovely snow Rachel. Your photos are so stunning with the snow encrusted trees. I loved the yellow chair in the midst of it all. Good food, staying warm and love all around sounds like a wonderful time to me.

The photo of the daffodils is so pretty. A sweet photo to end a lovely day in the winter. Now lets see some Spring. Smile.

Warm hugs to you my dear blogging friend.

Keetha said...

That snow! It is gorgeous. Just takes my breath away.