Monday, February 25, 2013



After such a long absence, it seemed to make a kind of zany sense to attend to things in a sorta Memento chronology---despite my having absolutely no resemblance to Guy Pearce in artistry, aspect or appearance.
  Though my brain does take frequent flights and detours, with nowhere near his excuse.
So, starting at the newest of things, hoping to place just ONE of the recent celebrations within some semblance of nearness to its holiday, this is our Valentine's Day Dinner.    Celebrated on Monday, 18th February.
Flowers from Caro, in a lovely old square mercury-glass container.

Our simple table setting---if you could have seen the REST of the room, well, SIMPLE was the way to go.

Dinner, courtesy of Caro.   I made the salad and Sweetpea and I set the table.   The beads and goblet were HER idea, and we all donned our fancy bling as we picked up our napkins.
(Which seem to have escaped---perhaps to a romantic tryst with some missing socks).

Cold, crisp Romaine with thin sweet onion, olives, pepperoncini, garlicky croutons, and a lively sharp Dijon vinaigrette.   Makes my tongue curl to describe it.

THE LASAGNA.   This stuff perfumed the house all day long, from beginnings of the sauce to the lovely aromas of the baking.   And it was SCRUMPTIOUS.

 Tortellini and meatballs as the second pasta, for it's Sweetpea's favorite, by her Mommy's recipe.
Oh, My.   You coulda just stepped in and lounged forever on this bread.   It was cut all kinds of ways, with slices of Provolone all tucked in with green onions and garlic butter, then fresh Mozzarella grated on top.  Just grab a pinch of crust and PULLLLL off a warm hunk of that gooey goodness.   We could have just filled the salad bowls, tossed this foil packet in the middle of the table and called it GOOOD.

Little crimped hearts with cherry filling.   I always think of Menolly's little Bubbly Pies when I see such a wonderful, juices-escaping dessert.  The sparkle-sugar heart "crust cookies" were for You Know Who.

Dessert Plate---sugar cookie and a scoop of Homemade Vanilla.  

Simple and unruffled, but I'd wager Limoge and Sheffield have seen less sumptuous fare, and WAY less interesting company.

I hope all your holidays were wonderful; will try to catch up sometime before the calendar makes full circle.

moire non,


Southern Lady said...

Even though we had just finished supper when I read this, your scrumptious-looking dishes made my mouth water.

So good to see you posting again ... hope it won't be so long "in between" now!

Chesapeake said...

Oh, oh, oh!! What a wonderful meal, & how generous of Caro to cook for all!

Your bubbly pies look like a mix of the southern fried pies or jacks and the Mexican empanadas.

The bread was just a portrait by itself...

And how to speak of the company? So glad to hear about this feast, friend!

Linda Jennings said...

A delicious dinner with family -- that's my idea of a great celebration!

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hooray, I am so happy to see your post Rachel. AND...what a sweet post. I adore simple and who cares what the house looks like. This is a feast filled with love. Mmmmmm, that bread looks sooooo delicious,as does the rest of the meal. A celebration served with love for people who love each other. My, a perfect Valentine's meal. YUM!!!

I have missed you so much but I truly understand the consumption of time when one has a Blog.

Have you ever been to Noah's Ark in GA? We are interested in going when our grands visit this summer. I am amazed at what they do and the three amigos are unbelievable.

Love and welcome back,

steelersandstartrek said...

Wow, great food, precious family, Memento AND fire lizards all in a single post! The muse has returned.

Sounds like it was a wonderful holiday, m'lady. Love to all.

Bev said...

Oh yum everything looks so good! What a wonderful mean with those you love the most. Nice return..lots of love.

Bev said...

umm wonderful meal

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Rachel, Thank you for your sweet comment as always. I came back to say hello again. I enjoyed your post all over again. Funny, I didn't remember the pretty flowers. I guess one can only take in so much at one time. Smile.

I wish you happy warmer days with your Sweetpea and love all around you.
Love, Jeanne

Kim S. said...

Yes! That is EXACTLY how I've always imagined bubbly pies to look! Wonderful meal, wonderful family and wonderful post, my dear.