Friday, January 13, 2012


I again seem to be the Glitchess of all things Internet, and there's now something going on with the "comments" page---it will flash one tantalizing little glimpse, then go white-page in a most irritating fashion.

I have read the two which managed to conquer the obstacle course,  but I can get to them only through a circuitous route behind the scenes into the archives, and then I cannot answer from there.

I'm so sorry, and I pray you all not to give up entirely.    Your patience has been wonderfully gratifying and comforting, and I thank you all for everything.     Please don't give up---we feel like family, and I've SO missed you..



Jeanne said...

Hurray, You are posting. I am sorry you are having computer trouble. Not much more irritating!!!

Yes, this recipe is perfect for a cold day. My cousin says it is chili with sausage and apples. A good taste description.

We are sitting in the great room having our coffee and listening to some great pop music. Do you remember when I visited some blogging friends in Canada last summer? Claudie, made a playlist of great chick music for us to listen to all week and then she copied a disk for us to take home. My hubs like it too. It is energizing this early in the morning.

It is white with snow this am and we have the fireplace on. The best thing this morning is you commenting. I have missed you so much.
Love you my dear blogging friend. I pray you are well.


Denise :) said...

Poor Rachel ... computer glitches are NO fun. I hope you find your way back and are trouble-free, soon! :)