Sunday, January 22, 2012


We received one of these Peppermint Piggies from a friend, several Christmases ago.   It came in a lovely red-velvet bag, complete with a tiny silver hammer.   The enclosed little tag said that it was an old Christmas tradition, and the idea was to pass the Pig around the table after Christmas Dinner, and each person should shatter off a little shard of peppermint, for a sweet ending to the day.

So we did, and I think that year four of the GRANDS were here, as well as their parents, so we had errants bits and chips flying wildly past the centerpiece and tea glasses, with eager little fingers capturing bits and crumbs from the tablecloth and our shirt-fronts and their sister's hair.

Later, we put the little hammer up on the "old stuff" shelf, with spy-glasses and cameras and bits of our and other people's pasts.    Then Chris took to carrying it in his big black leather Dr. bag, with all his other computer and printer-fixing tools.

He's caused many a grin at worksites, when he'd meet a recalcitrant machine and finally flourish Little Hammer, give the machine an infinitesimal tap, and warn, "Don't make me go get a BIGGER hammer."

And we've CERTAINLY needed a big hammer lately---something has been causing a great glitch in the COMMENTS section, with lots of us trying to comment on each other's blogs, but having much trouble trying to sign on, or having to sign on numerous times, or just getting a blank white page, with no recourse but to go away unwritten and unsung.

I've not been able to SEE any comments on here for a couple of weeks,without going WAY round-about through the whole dashboard thing,  for clicking on the usual spot would shimmer the comment on the screen for a micro-second, long enough to see a tantalizing word or two, then jerk it away like a schoolyard bully with a little boy's hat.

And now, there's LIGHT in this tunnel, and I think the problem's solved, courtesy of my friend at PAINTORDIG.    She posted a solution on her own blog today, and it's worked like a charm, so far, just yielding up those friendly words and brightening my day considerable.

If you're having trouble from either communication front, sending or receiving, DO have a look and give it a try.

And Hooray for a BIGGER HAMMER!


Denise :) said...

It's crazy! I've seen a lot of bloggers mention having troubles with sending/receiving/reading comments, though I haven't had any difficulty. I'm glad *you* found a solution (and a bigger hammer)! :)

Patsy said...

How cute, I have never seen a peppermint piggie with a silver hammer in a red velvet.
I got blank pages on some blogs comments and was told to use google chrome and it worked for me.

Bev said...

Oh finally..but I have nothing to say now :0) have a great day!!

jeanne said...

Hi Rachel, yes, we do love our fur babies even when then are aged. I can't imagine not have a sweet pup to love.

I love your hammer story. I have never seen anything like a candy peppermint pig. How cute is that? I saw pictures in my mind as you described the hammer on the pigs head and extremities. It brought back a fun memory of when we lived on the farm many years ago. My dad had been to the White Horse Inn (a bar in the small town were we lived) and won a huge candy cane. I'm talking about 2 by 12 inches candy cane. We kids (6 ) were so excited we couldn't wait to break some candy off to eat. We needed a small hammer for sure. HA!

I'm glad your comment thingy is fixed. How stressful for everyone.

Time for bed.
Hugs, Jeanne

Beverly said...

Your hammer story made me smile. We all need to remember the necessity of having the right size tool for the job.

For instance, if someone decides to knock some sense in my head, I sure hope they have a teensy size hammer.

Jacqueline said...

No problems here yet, knock on wood! I know I have more problems if I stay logged in, so I don't click that anymore.

I would love one of those piggies! What fun!

Oh, I do most of my blogging on Google Chrome, but not posting on parties with it! If I use Google Chrome for posting, I get a stupid green frog instead of a picture so it is always Internet Explorer for that.

steelersandstartrek said...

Hooray! I had given up on commenting on blogs. So glad you found the work around! Can't wait to get Kim's page squared away. We haven't even been able to see older posts, let alone comments.