Saturday, February 27, 2010


Some things are too sunny just to keep to yourself.

Whether we’re home or out in a restaurant, however many of us are together, we just sit down, all reach out, and hold hands for a quiet moment while Chris asks the blessing.

Our littlest Grand, who is 2 ½ and who stays with us several days a week, climbs right into her little blue booster chair when it’s time for breakfast. I’m usually still getting things on the table, and since it’s a nice round table, I usually remain standing as we pray so we can each reach one of her little hands, then we all sit together and eat.

She is respectful and silent during the prayer, and almost always has been, except that she invariably looks up at me and whispers, “Ganjin,” and looks at him and says, “Ganner,” as if she’s being thankful for us or perhaps just reassuring herself that a good solid part of her world is always there.

I’m usually so struck by the sweet moment, I lean down and place a gentle kiss in her hair. Yesterday, she spoke just a little louder than usual for some reason. “Ganjin,” she said, and I could tell she was looking at me; “Gannn-er,” she spoke, and I held still, hoping she would not speak out further during the prayer.

She waited a moment, then spoke even louder, “Kiss me on my head!”

I had to clamp my lips tight, and Ganner could hardly get out the “Amen” before we laughed. And she got her kiss.


Tonja said...

How sweet! How quickly little things you do become expected. I suppose that is the way traditions are begun.
We always have prayed before we eat in restaurants also. Once we were trvelling and stopped at a Shoney's for lunch. My 2 youngest boys were with me. They had always prayed and so they sat waiting to start until I finished at the salad bar. When I sat down, they both removed their caps and we held hands and said the blessing. In a few minutes, a man who hd been sitting at a nearby table, stopped at our table on his way out. He said, "I was so blessed by your family today...just watching. It is wonderful to see children who are being taught the right things in life. And, then he took out his wallet, and gave them both a $5o dollar bill. He left quickly before we could hardly say a word. The boys looked at me, and the first words out of my youngest son's mouth was, "Mama, do we have to tithe on this money?" And, you better believe they were always very happy to pray in a restaurant....but that was the only time it was that profittable!

Kim Shook said...

When Jessica was little, I kept the usual baby book, jotting in the big milestones. But I also kept a journal with all the little moments that were so sweet. I'm glad that I know what day she walked and said 'Mama' and all, but what is really precious to me is the journal - her funny words and stories she tried to tell and how she made me melt AND burn! You think that you will never forget all of that, but the years take their toll and you DO forget. We read this journal over and over and Jessica especially loves it. What a wonderful gift you are giving your family and your little miss when you chronicle these memories!

Southern Lady said...

Oh, how precious, Rachel. I love hearing your stories about your little one. She sounds absolutely adorable.

Cape Coop said...

You are all so blessed to just HAVE this time together- and you deserve it, dear Rachel!