Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's been a really busy few days, punctuated by happy moments and sad news and traveling. I did absolutely nothing on Labor Day---literally nothing. Caro cooked us a lovely lunch of several nice salads and a scrumptious stir-fry of vegetables and crispy tofu. We watched a Miss Marple and ate our dinner on trays.

Our two-year-old BabyGirl should have been here, but because of the holiday, she went on a picnic with her Dada, while her Mama got some shopping in. DS and BabyGirl came by for a little while yesterday morning, on the way to the park; Dada does most of the cooking for the family, but this was the first time that just Dad and Daughter had a picnic all on their own. I hear that they enjoyed the swings and slides, and walked along the lake picking up sticks and watching the ducks.

But as they left my house on their way to their travels, I asked if I could peek into the tiny picnic cooler in the back of the truck. Inside were two bottles of water, two yogurts, two tiny lunchbox packs of peaches, a baggie with grapes, and one baloney sandwich.

My heart just overflows with the meaning of that, and the importance. I can't explain it; it just IS. And if I had one of those heart-smilie things, I'd slap it right on here.


Tonja said...

What a sweet memory you were able to be a part of. That sweet picnic with Dad and Daughter. May many more picnics follow as their relationship continues through the years.

Indy Cookie said...

My heart is smiling too!!

~~louise~~ said...

Picnics: A basketful of memories:)