Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm SO enjoying all the Autumn vignettes and tablescapes and cloches and arrangements and views, with their warm oranges and golds and pumpkin hues, but until I absolutely HAVE to, I don't want to part with this:

Or this---a serene, quiet, contemplative place to stop for a cup of tea or an hour with a favorite book or conversation with a friend:

Time will come soon enough when all the slipcovers come off, the burgundies and the deep greens and the silvers come out, the rooms are re-arranged for all the potted plants to come in from outside, and a place must be made for the TREES and all the accompanying garnishments and froufrou, but right now, I can't even try to contemplate OCTOBER, though it's probably my favorite month.
Until the days pass, and the clocks jump and the air calls for mugs of cocoa or cozied teapots to replace these big pitchers of lemon tea or sweet tea or CrystalLight Grapefruit, and as long as the leaves refuse to swap their green for the bright hues of Autumn, I think I'll hang onto doors-open, evening breeze, tea-in-the-arbor Summer just a little longer.


Anonymous said...

The room with the white wicker is LOVELY. I think I'll come over tomorrow and just sit a spell.

Love you forever

Charmaine said...

Hello Rachel. Thanks so much for checking out my photo blog and for the nice comment! Stop in anytime! Take care and GBU!

Charmaine said...

By the way your photos are lovely!! GBU!!

Southern Lady said...

I don't blame you for wanting to hold on to summer a little bit longer in that lovely room, Rachel. I'm sure it will be just as pretty dressed in its fall colors, too.

racheld said...

I wish y'all would ALL come over and sit a spell.

It's a comfortable, sunny little room, with sheer curtains that haze out the green into a kaleidoscope of colors, instead of just grass and trees and cars passing by.

There are seats for twelve, plus ottomans and big old floor cushions if we need them. And when we do, it means we have a BIG crowd, and those are such wonderful times!

Mrs. G. said...

Your house is so light and cozy. I'm comin' over.

racheld said...

AWWW, Mrs. G!! You'd be SO welcome!

One of those wickers is a comfy rocker, and though I don't have a long line of easy rockin' chairs on the porch, the back patio has four big Adirondacks with GOOOOOD cushions, out there in the all-day shade!!

I'm so glad you're out and about, and I love when you drop in! You just sit long as you want---I'll get you a cold drink. Julep or Mimosa?

racheld said...


I wrote you a little "Welcome" note, and I don't see it on here---it was right beneath the 11:39 one, and I guess I didn't hit "post" properly.

Anyway, you're welcome anytime!!

Kouign Aman said...

Rachel, we're on the same wavelength w this.
Yesterday I looked at the seashells currently decorating piano and bathrooms, and decided they were staying thru Sept. Autumn could just wait its turn til after Halloween!