Friday, December 2, 2016


Linking today to Beverly’s PINK Saturday!!

We had such a lovely evening last night---it was so clear the car and street and holiday lights were just sparkling through the windshield.   It's about twenty miles over through the countryside to Sweetpea's school, and what a lovely drive just after dark.    Of course, I was riding with Santa, in his hat and bright red sweats-jacket (me in my red cloak and Mary Janes).  We both got a lot of wondering, smiling gazes from the little ones in attendance, and the program was just so cute.   Her grade performed last, and sang and jazz-handed their little gloved hearts out.   We all agreed that she was probably the only one there with all FOUR Grands to cheer her on.   That's SUCH a blessing to all of us. 

And on the way home, Chris and I got asked to pose with several customers as we waited for our takeout at the wing place.  

The one and only picture we took was of my two happy companions-in-fun, just brimming with the joy of the season.   And then there’s me---MAD EYE RUDY.   I’ve been cackling at that thought all morning.

A Christmas Cackle does you GOOD.


Jeanne said...

Hello Rachel, I love your Christmas story and I know watching our grands in a Christmas program is the best entertainment ever. Our hearts just overflow with the love we feel for our darling grands. Our grands are all grown and five of them are in college right now. We will have to wait for the next generation of great grands to feel that special feeling at a Christmas school program. Smile!

I guarantee that you and Chris are the most awesome Mr. and Mrs. Santa out there. (except the real thing.) LOL. Hope we live that long.

Thank you for your sweet comment on Blue Monday. Talk about a belated response. Time gets away from us on a daily bases.

Have a wonderful week Rachel dear.

Jeanne said...

OOPS, "Hope we live that long" is out of sequence. It is that kind of day. Big smile here.

LV said...

Wonderful way to spend time with the grands. Also makes treasured memories for all of you.

donna baker said...

And the best to come, Sweetpea will never forget you.

BeachGypsy said...

LOVE this picture! Adorable! Love the outfits! So glad y'all got to attend. I love this season, so many programs, pageants, cantatas, recitals, and my favorite--Christmas Eve Candlelight service. It's such a great time of year.

Val said...

Precious, Rachel. ♥

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Rachel. Finding you here put a big smile on my face, and trust me you are always a smile provider.

You, Christ and Sweetpea are just the cutest Christmas bunch ever. Thank you for sharing your joy.

Love you forever and ever.♥♥♥

Jeanne said...

Good morning Rachel, I am back to thank you for your visit on my PS post. I loved your car story so much. We actually had a 1956 Chevy convertible in the early 1960's It was red and white. So pretty. Funny how the cars in our lives always bring back a memory. When we were raising our five children we purchased a huge (long) Ford window van to haul kids and friends all over the place. It was kind of converted inside with a long seat and a built up back that was like a bed. It was way longer than the regular vans sold at the time. No seat belts but for the times seat belts were not an issue. Yikes. Anyway, I drove this huge van to a women's party that was selling stuff like household things. When it was over I was getting into our van and a women said, "Is that your huge van? I would have thought you would be driving a Cadillac." Lol. I went home and told Bill he needed to buy me a Cadillac! Didn't happen. HA! That was our children's favorite vehicle. Not mine!!! Smile.

I bet you are getting ready for Christmas. We are trying to get it all done slowly. This Saturday we our having our annual Christmas party for around thirtyfive friends and family. Potluck. Fun times. Never a dull moment here. Sometimes I crave some dull moments.

Sending you love and happy week wishes.

bj said...

What a happy and colorful post. Your Sweet Pea is precious, as always...your Santa in his festive hat is a handsome dude and you are adorable. So glad to put faces with names now....We are staying busy ...baking, wrapping, (presents, not Rapping..LOL),
shopping, decorating, trying to get my house back in last concert (Deed's) tonight and dinner with cousins tomorrow night. 'tis such a wonderful time of the year...xoxoxo

GSL said...

What a holiday treat this is! Chris, Sweetpea, and our darling Rachel in seasonal garb out and about.
Merry Christmas!

handmade by amalia said...

Such a sweet photo.

Patsy said...

I have been reading "The Whole Town's Talking" Fannie Flagg's
new book. You came to mind, love it.

"The whole town's talking about the new pink stoves and refrigerators
now offered. What fun. Finally the kitchen doesn't have to be same old
black and white dull affair it was in the past"

My living room in a past home was painted by me a lovely shade of
Pepto-bismol pink and I loved it. When we sold the house no one complained
and the house sold way more then we paid for it,
this was in 2005.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Such sweet photos!! Thanks so muchf or stopping by and for your sweet words!! I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit!!

Southern Lady said...

Just stopping by to send love and my best wishes to you and your sweet family for the merriest of Christmases! May it be filled with lots of happy gatherings and sweet memories-in-the-making.

Tonja said...

I see you!
And you are as beautiful as I imagined!
Such a lovely photo. Sweetpea is adorable and hubby is handsome and a great likeness for the 'jolly big guy'!
Yes, this is after Christmas, but seeing your bright faces makes me want to set the calendar back a week or so!
No. No, I don't ...all the decorations are stored until next year and that's a job I can only tackle once a year!
Blessings to all!