Sunday, October 16, 2016


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Y’all KNOW I don’t do politics or FASHION, so little knowledge or interest I have in either, but sometimes . . .

I have an almost-everyday delve into an incisively-witty, fun blog by two smart, savvy fashion mavens, TOM AND LORENZO. They mercilessly skewer the pompous and self-involved, the old-enough-to-know-better and the rich-enough-to-hire-advisors, and are so clever with their words, I cannot resist peeking in, though as you know, I’m NOT THERE FOR THE CLOTHES.   It's the writing and the sumptuous bons mots and witticisms flying faster than light. 

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ANNNNNDDD . . .They simply adore Helena Bonham Carter.   There’s just a sweet spot in my heart for her, in ANY role.   She simply has such a flair for being herself, such a self-confidence and blasé disconnect from What Would THEY Think? (the absolute standard on which I was brought up, sternly conscious of other folks’ opinions and standards of decorum and dress, and though I’ve breached them one and all on several occasions, at my age now, I require only that my attire be clean, preferably cotton, and good coverage. Perhaps that’s why I love her slapdash, outlandish outfits and devil-may-care attitude so much.

I once wore a “pair” of shoes like this to a fairly formal party in college.  Mammaw had insisted on my getting both colours of the pumps I particularly liked, so I just wore each on a whim to an afternoon tea at the Chancellor's House. 

Image result for Helena bonham carter with TWO PAIRS OF glasses

This is just like me (well, sans purse and shopping---I have an abiding hatred for both).   But I am known to wear two-pairs-at-once on my head, and wander around searching for them.

And I wonder what her closet must be like---I imagine it’s an enormous closet---a cavernous closet, with an inconspicuous door opening inside a charming apartment, and stretching
out and back into the distance  like the Weasleys’ Quidditch tent.   The theme is inordinately dark, whimsical, lit by torchieres and glowing eyes, and all the dresses move idly in the dim breeze.  Daywear is held  suspended from the beaks of crows, with evening attire the ravens’ domain, and an entire wing of the cavern is populated by small blackbirds, whose delight in life is to organize and maintain the vast drapings of jewelry, eyeglasses, shades, glasses-chains, belts, whimsical hats and gloves and scarves.     

 Griffin-doorknockers hold long rows of purses, swaying  like small sides of beef in the cool keeping-room, and shoes make their own way back to their allotted stairs, reaching out of sight above the raiment below.  And fully a hundred mighty rocs suspend the hangers for the fabulous, the fun, the frayed and the fanciful coats awaiting.  And somewhere in the darkest high rafters hang flights of wistful small bats, each responsible for the keeping of a forlorn little sweater---cardigan---jumper, to hug close around her body as the eyes and lenses of the world assail her spirit.
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 I firmly believe that somewhere WAY back in that closet, after many twists and turns, it intersects briefly with those of Miss Havisham,  Belle Watling and Miley Cyrus, taking one sharp turn at The Last Chance Goodwill. 

   Just one nebulous idea, one inkling of a look, a feeling for the day, and the mist stirs, with some garments whirling and sparkling,  and others creating their own black holes of darkness in the dim, as nine unrelated items magically whisk to the forefront, encircling her body more effectively than Stark’s red suit.

Or some days, she just runs laughing through the entire domain like a child under clotheslines, clutching and clasping and grabbing in glee, and emerges into the daylight a Thing of Wonder, beyond description, for ordinary mortals to ponder and discuss. 



Ang Smith said...

ha, ha....this post just made me laugh. I'm picturing "you" (though I don't know what you look like) with 2 different shoes, 2 pairs of glasses, messy hair...although this is how I feel most days! It could be because I have 4 little ones in tow. There is no gracefulness or sleek, pretty ways. It's "mom of 3 boys and one baby girl...what you see is what you get!" Thanks for the chuckle.

steelersandstartrek said...

I cannot envision YOU delving through that closet. But I CAN envision you sitting under a tree with a glass o', waiting patiently as a certain granddaughter triumphantly emerges through the wardrobe door wearing treasure after treasure, each much too big but oh so "her"!

I love watching Helena work, although her embraced accents are sometimes far too thick for a less than perfect sound man to follow and some roles were just plain bad choices. But for every Sweeney Todd or Dark Shadows that may be worth forgetting, there are really embraceable performances like those in Harry Potter, The King's Speech, and my personal favorite among her gems, the dual roles in Big Fish.

NanaDiana said...

I HAVE to look that blog up!!! Seriously--sounds like my sort of blog...ripping apart and with a hint of sarcasm. How could they go wrong? Thanks for the tip. Your blog was VERY entertaining today. xo Diana

donna baker said...

I actually wore two different shoes to town once and had to turn around and go back home.

Chronica Domus said...

He surely is a National Treasure. I've adored everything she's starred in and you are certainly right, she has a flare all her own.

Looking forward go getting acquainted with your favorite fashion blog.

Patsy said...

Love the Photo's
What a brave girl you were to ware diffident color shoes
Fun,fun person you are!!!

Jeanne said...

Good morning my dear sweet Rachel, Yes, I am alive and kicking all the way to Florida and Raleigh, NC to visit our two of our daughters, one of our sons and their families. Not to mention the Gator football games. Yikes.

We have been so crazy busy with the Gator football season and we have been gone so much. This is our last year for season tickets. We have been going to the Gator games for 27 years. It is kind of sad to end it now that our 4 grands attend UF. but Bill will be 80 by next season and I will be nearly 78. It is time.

Our daughter is here visiting for the week and tomorrow we are going to the Biltmore. We have been there many times but it is always a treat to go as often as we can. (We have annual passes) It will be my birthday celebration. Can't wait.

I really loved your story today and Harry Potter is one of my favorite series to read ever. Including the movies. Your photos and story about fashion really made me smile. I too love cotton to wear and I admit I am slightly interested in fashion. Wearing two different colored shoes is a hoot. I have done it but only because I couldn't see in my closet that day. HA! I realize how much I have missed you. Of course, typical of me, I will catch up on what I have missed and hope I am much better at visiting than I have been. Sigh!!! Not running the roads so much will be a big help.

Have a happy week my sweet friend.
Much love,

bj said...

what a fun post...different shoes ?? Oh,no...never...I walked into work one day and my co-worker said " have one black and one brown shoe on"..I went straight to the store next to our office (too far to run back home) bought shoes (matching:) and left them at the office that day so it would never happen, at my advanced age, if I think I can get by with it, I wear my house slippers to run to the gro store for milk....

Beverly said...

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel! I never realized I could have so much fun in a closet. This tour through Helena's closet has made my day. And, I confess that I, too, am a great fan for her.

And, I delight at the thought of you intentionally wearing different color shoes. How fun is that?! I did find myself at work one day with a darling white flat on one foot and a "yard stained" white slip-on Ked on the other. That must give you an idea as to the condition of my brain as I dressed in the dark in my closet.

Thanks for the link to Tom and Lorenzo. I am off to visit them now.

GSL said...

HBC has long been a GSL fave! She always looks an interesting mess which I find captivating. She was superb in a gem of a movie based on a Henry James short story: 'The Wings of the Dove'.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I look this style and wish I could pull it off but I just look like a hot mess!! LOL!! My husband almost wore 2 different shoes to our one son's high school graduation and it was not intentional!!LOL! Thank Goodness I caught it!!
Thanks so much for visiting!!

Kim S. said...

You are a genius. It takes an enormous talent to make me see her as anything but a paycheck away from being crazy bag lady.