Tuesday, June 21, 2016




We’ve been humming the song all day, and it’s just now made me think of all the times we sang it as children, especially at the movies.   Singing was greatly encouraged during any movie, and one of the “features” was a short somewhere betwixt cartoon, newsreel, previews, Saturday serial, and the movie itself, where you could sing along with the song, with the words on the screen, and an accent on each syllable as you went along.

That was a wonderful part of the movies of “our day,” and I forgot to mention it in a post about our own little small town PICTURE SHOW.

Something about the moment, the shadowy dark, the anticipation of all that afternoon’s delights to come on that magical screen---what a delicious memory.   It never mattered if you didn’t know the song---you had the words right there, and the melody was playing, and everyone singing, with even a handy little pointer to show you which word and beat you were on.

I think maybe Pixels have replaced the old fashioned bouncing ball, but here's a bit of SUMMERTIME nostalgia.  

 Don't miss Baby Liza strolling in the park.


Chesapeake said...

Oh, my! I had forgotten so much of the weekly movie goodies, perhaps because we did not always live where there was a theater.

Absolutely loved the clip from The Good Old Summertime!

Chronica Domus said...

There is a theater in San Francisco which plays live organ music before the featured movie begins.

I've never been to a theater that encourages singing though. If only today's theaters would adopt this marvelous habit then I'd tend to visit more than I do nowadays, which is not very often I'm afraid.

Patsy said...

Happiness to you in these lovely summer days.
I only watch old movies these days.

Jody and Stan said...

The Good Old Summertime, was one of my favorite movies growing up. Thanks for sharing this nostalgia post!
New Follower.
Hugs, Jody

bj said...

So many probably don't remember any of this...but us ladies *of a certain* age sure do...
I've been trying to decide your age...not as olden as me at 78 but older than some of my other blog friends...I can so remember following the bouncing ball...and the live organ music before the movie...the newsreels..the shorts...comedy..9 cent tickets and we could go in at any time thru the movie and if we wanted to stay in there for another round of the same movie, we were welcome...9 cent popcorn in a folded box..we didn't drink cokes..but all the movies had water fountains...times have changed soooo much..and I remember my mama saying I would see a lot of changes in my lifetime, just like she did...and she was right...

harleygirl said...

I never got into movies; probably because they aren't as fun as what you've described here anymore. I do wish I could have been alive to see some of the things you write about. Sometimes I wonder what the newer generations will EVER write about someday...video games? Cell phones? ha, ha. I enjoy your posts very much. :)

Kim S. said...

I remember during some interview that Liza said she actually had a hazy memory of that last scene - somehow no one had put panties on her and she remembered Van Johnson's cold hands on her bottom!