Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Is where we are today---the great line of rainstorms which has covered us intermittently for DAYS, with deluges and torrents and bursts---well, we can attest to many, many gallons of that, because we have been wading through and walking on it for days on end.

This happens perhaps once every several years, and WOW this WAS the year.  AND THE RAINS CAME TUMBLIN' DOWN!

So, with the yet-to-be-put away lugs and containers of STUFF taken out of the storeroom to arrange all the leftover kitchen stuff I’ve culled out, and all the lugs and containers of STUFF that Chris packed, took to the coast for a week, and brought back, all lifted high and dry from the sodden carpet, or slid onto the slate in the kitchen, we’re still in absolute chaos.

The kitchen is gorgeous, but like a beautiful child, dressed in an unimaginable assortment of shoddy clothes and unseemly gewgaws, with wet feet and a muddy face to boot---well, it’s not yet for showing in polite company.

Towels all over the floor, for stepping from this wet carpet onto the slick slate will catch you unaware and send you flying if you don’t step directly onto a towel to dry your shoes.   And stepping around all those cluttery lumps, in fear of falling and tripping, is not conducive to much cooking either.   Miss Frankie is still shining, with her pretty red earbobs and big gleaming smile, and all the counters and PINK are simply lovely; they’re just taking backseat (rumbleseat, back of the bus, wait for the wagon) to all the other necessaries we’re coping with.

Right now, there are five fans, two air-cleaner machines and uncountable unsheathed Air Freshener clots of gaudy waxen fragrance  scattered about this room, with a roar and a whoosh to addle anyone’s brain, let alone my not-yet-recovered befuddlement from living in the Land of Misrule since March.

Y’all, the humidity in here has been so bad, it SNOWED in my new freezer!!!

But what the heck!!  Yesterday was National French Fry Day!

I made the Fries, by Maw's crunchy-crispins recipe, and four dipping sauces:  tarragon mayo, BBQ, grainy-mustard-mayo, and bleu cheese.  We ate up at Caro's house, where she'd cooked us a wonderful dinner of pork chops, smothered squash and onions, kidney bean salad, and Unky Kim’s splendiferous scalloped tomatoes, right down to the little buttered toast points on top.  


That and good company and laughing to complete the evening, and those pickles are looking mighty good right now.

Moiré non, soon as that dove gets back.


L. D. said...

That is horrible when water comes in on you. It looks like you are not hindered at eating some great looking food. I like that floor.

donna baker said...

Oh, poor Rachel I feel your pain. We've gone from the rain to now killing heatwave. I'm still growing mushrooms in my entry floor though. Our patio has dropped next to the house and each rain brings it inside with towels, blankets and such to try and dry it up. We can't find anyone to do such a "small job" where we live as repouring the slab or putting in a drain sure doesn't sound small to me and I'm sure the cost wouldn't be small either. So, after years of this, I continue to try and dry it up.

Patsy said...

Is this what they call every 100 years flood.
We have had bad wind and rain storms with roof damage ,water in the house.
Today came one more with 80+ winds much damage all over town. We didn't get any this time. But our yard is a mess and the flowers or beat down bad.
Sorry you are getting so much trouble and Hope all will be better soon.

Kathy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your flooding. I lived through a flood from a broken pipe and it is NOT fun. Hope everything gets dried up quickly. BTW I love your floor.

That food sounds sooo good! I'd love to be invited to a feast like that. I think I'm going to try some of those dipping sauces.

Shelby said...

Oh no, Rachel!!! I hope you dry out soon. I know you are SO ready for things to be put away and to be able to enjoy your new pinkness!!!

harleygirl said...

I just had to read this as soon as I saw the title. Pickles! Since we moved, I have no cucumbers this year and I'm missing them AND my pickles. They sure do look good. So do the fries! Now you're just making me hungry. he, he...

Jeanne said...

Oh Rachel, How awful my sweet friend. We have had a lot of rain too but it stopped about a week ago. How can this happen to you. I kind of remember you were flooded before this. I pray you are high and dry soon. I am so sorry my dear friend.

I have to tell you what I just heard from the TV. I am watching HGTV and the program is "Fixer Upper" The husband who does the contracting with the rehab they are working on, called his wife Joanna and said, "Hey honey, we're in a pickle." It really gave me a good laugh. Something went wrong with the rehab they are working on today.

I have never heard of French Fry Day but I like it. Yum.

Wishing you better days soon.
Love, Jeanne

Kim S. said...

Oh, law, Miss Rachel! You made my tamaters! They look gorgeous and I'd ignore them and stuff myself with those incredible chops and fries if I was there. I have a bowl of that squash and onion mixture in my fridge RIGHT NOW! Mike would be so happy if there was a platter of those chops, too!