Monday, November 3, 2014


In researching Fairy Staircases for the post on FLIGHT SCHOOL, I found a treasure trove:   Eliza’s Fairy Creations.   They were pictures on her Mom’s blog, created by Eliza when she was thirteen, and I was simply captivated by her charming little vignettes, clothes, furniture and scenes.
DO go and have a look, and prepare to be charmed entire; the wee cunning beds and desks and artwork (a pencil half the size of a toothpick) and the simple majesty of such humble bits of nature transformed by her imagination and talented hands.  
You’ll feel your heart contract with the TWEE precious of it all, and expand to encompass a smile you can’t contain.   It’s magical and contagious, and I hope you’ll go and see.  I want to go there and just DWELL. 


harleygirl said...

Wow, those sure are neat! I loved the little flowery chair. But it's all so cool, isn't it?!

Kathy said...

How simply charming! I can't believe all the patience that went into making such a lovely little house.