Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1003---FROM MIKE

Y’all know I have to share stuff---little happenings and small discoveries and pretty things and wonders that strike my fancy.   Today’s one of those days, just going along with a long time out under the eaves marveling at the rain, with a damp little girl giddy with the unusual moment.   Then in an instant---a burst of brilliant sunshine which brought out every glint and glimmer of the dripping trees and bushes, gilding the grapevines, turning the whole world into a shining wonder of refreshment and cool.


A long splash-time up and down the puddles in the driveway, in for dry clothes and cocoa and breakfast, and then---then-capital-THEN, was the moment that I happened upon an old friend.   I know him as a kind, smart---uncannily smart---funny friend, with SUCH a way with words, you’ll be there, walking those paths of ago, right with him.


Today, he wrote a reminiscence of Going Home, in the sense that he passed his childhood house, and was flooded with memories of all the moments and days which were his boyhood.  And it's GOOD.  It's so well told that you'll want to go wash your muddy feet and scratch those chigger bites you got in the blackberry bramble. 


Get a big glass of iced tea, or some coffee---or better yet, like I did, a paminna cheese sandwich---and settle into this story.   You’ll be captivated and charmed, and live every bit right along with him.


From my friend MIKE:


Patsy said...

We had a wonderful childhood back then. Mikes story was the same for a lot of us born in the 1940.
the only thing he didn't talk about was how patriotic we were and how we could spot and name air planes and how great America was. Thanks for the post it took me back to my childhood.

racheld said...

Oh, Miss Patsy,

I KNEW you'd enjoy and relate to this wonderful story. He and his wife are dear friends of ours, almost a generation younger, but close in spirit, all the same.

Thank you for the sweet comment, and I know he'll appreciate it.


steelersandstartrek said...

Oh my. I am awestruckified to even get a mention from you in Lawn Tea, let alone a link. Bless you!

Very glad you enjoyed the post. It was a joy thinking through it.

Beverly said...

Oh my dear friend. Thank you so much for directing me to Mike. His memories have now lead me to the need for some quiet time to step through my own memories.

You are the best ever. Love you forever and ever.♥

Jeanne said...

Hello dear Rachel, Beverly just called me and mentioned the many errors I made in typing my post. I have never seen such a mess. HA! I can only say I had just taken a strong pain pill and in my past experience in writing when on pain pills, it shouldn't surprise me. Yikes. It took both of us to correct that mess. I just said, "I hope I didn't have any comments." Of course I did. Sigh! Not only the errors were many, I actually posted two times and the first one wasn't finished. I better not drive huh?

I was so glad to read your comment. You were so sweet not to mentioned the horrible mess I made out of that post. I have had some serious pain with muscle inflammation but I am feeling much better right now. I hope this is close to the end of this disease. My blood work was finally good so I know all will be better soon. I will email you this weekend.

I haven't gone to Mike's post yet but I am looking forward to reading it in just a few minutes.

I am glad to be posting again and thank you for your kind words. I will be sure to take care as to when I take the pills. HA! I usually take them at night but last night I waited until morning. Note to self...take pills at night!!!

I have missed you too and it is so good to be back.
Love, Jeanne

Elizabeth said...

Dear Rachel, I have been a most neglectful reader of your blog and I am always most heartily unhappy with myself because I know I am missing a delightful chance to sip my coffee while reading your posts. SO, here I am, coffee cup in hand (I'm a Keurig addict, like you!) and enjoying your word paintings. Many times it is like I am sitting with you and Sweetpea on the porch or in the kitchen and being a part of your world.

Thank you very much for the link to Mike's memory lane...it was a delicious read!

I'll be back to see you, much more oftener! Ha- Join me in making up useful, non-Webster backed words!

Kim S. said...

Thank you so much, Rachel! Having you do this meant more to Mike than anything! He was more impressed by being recommended by you than if he'd gotten a rave review in the NYT!