Monday, April 14, 2014



The TREE lost a great limb this week, with the weight of the ice and snow in the past months bending it past bearing.   One morning we woke to see the huge branch hanging from way up high, dangling implausibly from what looked to be a four-inch-wide strip of bark---tee-nincy faraway twig-tips just twirling against the garage roof far below.


And so we had to have the limb down, with several other roof-scrapers removed in the process, leaving a gap between limbs and house.   That should make the patio sunnier than usual for while, until all the green fills in.


I spend a while every day, looking up into that gigantic, magical tree, which was one of the reasons we bought the house.


There’s just something about Spring up here---in the South, I was accustomed to an EARLY Spring---even in February, leaves and flowers were showing their little efforts, gently coming into their own as the sun altered course and warmed them each day. The plants were rather meditative, I thought, with a way of taking their time, swelling and growing and just soaking up life from the ground and the sun.

A whole lush Summer of bloom and leaf stretched out, with a long-lasting Fall to keep their course, and the bearing season was full and rich and long.

Up here, things seem to KNOW that the time will be short, and they just sort of JUMP out of the ground, seeking the warmth and growing like mad. One day, a glance at our own small circumscribed horizon around the yard reveals drab, sere sticks with a far-view reaching through the angles.

Next day, the pale tint of green is a shadow on everything, and suddenly, leaves are shusshing and the little ears are budding out and it's all making a dash for its life, to absorb and swell and grow before the too-soon cold comes.

And I think the burst of this Indiana Spring can be seen almost in fast-motion---even more rewarding, as it's nearly like fluttering the pages of a picture-book, to see the images change color and form, with the little dog running through the gate and home.

And standing with my neck cricked far-far back, looking up into the universe of this great tree---that's like looking way far through a telescope into a world not traveled yet.


PS at 10:30 p.m.   Speaking of telescopes, we were hoping to watch the eclipse tonight, but the cloud cover is much too dense.    And then there’s that pesky SNOW.



donna baker said...

I'm going to watch it. The clouds left and though too cold, I'm going to watch it anyway.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel,

Oh how your thoughts of an Indiana Spring resonate. Perhaps as one gets older one is anxious to burst forth into all that Life can offer, enjoying it greedily, making the most of any and all opportunities that come one's way conscious, perhaps, that time is limited to do everything one wishes.

We can well see how that wonderfully majestic tree enticed you to live in your house and we too should have constantly stiff necks caused by gazing ever upwards through the tracery of branches into the blue beyond. Lovely!

Ann said...

We have experience of a long winter still hanging on. It was 79 on Sunday and yesterday snow here in Kansas. My pretty flowering plum flowers lasted 1 week before the snow finished them off. I had to really enjoy the pink while I had it. I understand how you feel about taking the chance when you get it.

Patsy said...

Trees are awesome, I do the something when I go out back I look up into our big trees. They some are very old.
Happy spring!

steelersandstartrek said...

I did crawl out on the front porch last night to see the scarlet eclipse, but the cloud cover was complete and the air was thick with summertime humidity so I dragged myself back upstairs.

Yesterday I had gone out confidently and plopped a line of store bought flowers into the ground, bright yellow ones. It was 82 and sunny and perfect for a spring day and just crying for some color in the yard. But this morning I awoke to the rain and belatedly saw the freeze warning on the forecast for tonight. Spring's azaleas are already budding out and now they'll get a shock. Darned winter.

At least we've been spared your snow!

Tonja said...

Oh, how I love spring! That new life just waiting to break through it's confines to shine for all the world to see! Love it! Looking out my window, I can see every shade of green that you can imagine. And, it all is such a perfect blend! The only thing that makes it more beautiful is the glimpse of a blue sky day pushing through the green to say, "Don't forget about me!"
It has taken a little while longer this year for spring to arrive in it's usual fashion. All the crazy weather!
But it's here now...just as He promised!
Happy Spring to you and yours, my friend!

Southern Lady said...

So glad Spring has arrived at your house! It is in "full bloom" here now ... and Summer seems to be following close behind.

Hope your Spring lasts a while!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my Pink Saturday post! Your blogs have so much creativity ... a joy to read!

Enjoy your week!

PS. Your post also made me realize I have a cherished vintage piece that was my Grandmother's.... and I've never done a post on it. Now I think I will!