Friday, July 5, 2013


Every June, we look forward to a patio breakfast celebrating our dear neighbor Honey’s birthday.   She likes strawberries more than anyone I know, and so we take advantage of the perfection of the berries and enjoy a little morning-party with her.


The table, in the leaf-dapples of the early sunshine.  The old pink wisteria tablecloth is one of my favorites, and the silver, napkins, coffeepot and most of the serving dishes are from Goodwill---I especially love the plates---a set of eight in that wonderful pink glass.


Honey is originally from Germany, a real War Bride, and she’s just about the best neighbor you could imagine. She’s kind and smart and always so happy to see us, and we all treasure our times together.


Sweetpea will hear her in the yard and shout, “Come on OVER!” and we can make the simplest moment into special---Honey will sit down to doll-tea on a cardboard box if that’s what you’re serving.


We usually share bread and cheese and fruit and good strong coffee together on her birthday


There were big old fat strawberries, bread and butter, and a dish of southern Paminna Cheese with crackers.


She and Caro are our cheese aficionados, for they both like any and all---for this picture, the brie and bleu and the St. Andre are on the platter with the grapes and cherries and a dish of Caro’s homemade apricot-pineapple conserve, and the Limburger is WAY over yonder on another little table.


Bread and butter and a luscious spoonful of Lil and Ben’s wonderful Blueberry Preserves.


One of the reasons we bought this house a long time ago was this lovely neighbor who came smiling out of her gate to welcome us each time we came back to take another look at the house.   We fence-chatted about the neighborhood, the children who had grown up here beside her own, the parks and tree-lined streets and the close amenities (At the time, a small strip-mall within stepping-distance boasted a wonderful chain grocery store, a drugstore, a small-town-type hardware store, a beauty shop, a barber shop, a wash-a-teria, a video rental and a Chinese restaurant---even snowed in, we could get along almost forever without cranking up the car).


Some of those little necessaries have faded now, by economy and progress, but we still have our dear neighbor, right next door.


And I see I’m just in time to link in to BEVERLY’S Pink Saturday.


bj said...

What a sweet get-together ea year with such a good neighbor and friend.
I, too, have had a good neighbor, for over 40 years now. She lived across the street from us and we raised our kids together.
Such a treasure we have in friends.
Happy Pink Sat.

mississippi artist said...

That looks delicious-my friends grew the best strawberries I have ever eaten this year on their truck farm. Annual strawberries-I had never heard of them! I bet I gained five pounds eating strawberries! Might have to make some of that Pamina cheese...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH MY GOODNESS gracious, WOW :) And thanks for your visit!

Terry said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such a sweet neighbor! Your neighbor is lucky to have you too.

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read about it here:

I hope you choose to participate.


steelersandstartrek said...

I cannot think of young Ms. S. Pea without smiling and hearing Joe Cocker in my head. The transposition of that memory with Honey being beckoned over for doll-tea has me doubly smiling.

Justabeachkat said...

Oh, how I wish I could have joined you girls! Your table looks wonderful and I can truthfully say I love all the goodies you served. Every single thing! Love those pink dishes too...what a find! How lucky you are to have such a great neighbor and I KNOW she feels the same way about YOU.

(btw...thanks for your visit and sweet comment this morning)

Kim S. said...

How luck both of you are to have such wonderful neighbors. And a birthday breakfast with Caro's cheese choices and your paminna cheese? The tops, my dear!