Friday, November 2, 2012


It's a blessing and a marvel to hear your OWN childhood stories told by a little one with an enormous vocabulary and who still holds onto a few little phrases and words that are so endearing, you hope she'll use them for just a little while longer.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named Sleeping Utie.   She had a party and the witches gave her presents and one witch said “I didn’t get my invitation and I’ll put a curse on Sleeping Utie and when she grows up she will prick her thinger on a

And so they burnt up every spindle in the castle and she went up the stairs to look out the window and in that room there was a spindle.   She didn’t know what it was, and she pricked her thinger and fell asleep.

And everybody fell asleep for a hundred years.

When Sleeping Utie had been asleep a long long time, a Prince rode up on his Maple Steve. 
And then he kissed her on the lips to Spell the Break.  
And they lived happily ever after.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
We are immediately taken back to childhood. But it is these wonderful illustrations which have totally captivated us, particularly the one where the witch rather resembles Queen Victoria in old age!

Chesapeake said...

Oh, yes. Thank you.

mississippi artist said...

Oh my word I am still laughing. This is too precious! YOU SHOULD GET THIS ON TAPE!

Southern Lady said...

So precious, Rachel ... she's following in your footsteps.

steelersandstartrek said...

How wonderful! We recently resurrected an old VHS of our Princess at age.... was it three or four, Kim? Was right at that birthday, I think...... anyway, she was telling the story of Goldilocks. Very animated, mostly vowels and few consonants to slow her down as she whipped around the room to imaginary locations of chairs, porridge, and beds in four different voices.

We finally converted that old VHS to CD so we won't lose it. I encourage you to get it all recorded, straight from Sweet Pea's lips -- you'll treasure it forever.

steelersandstartrek said...

er.... DVD, not CD. This new fangled technology confuses me. :-)

pembrokeshire lass said...

This is certainly a new 'take ' on the story. I would be interested to hear her rendition of 'The Beauty and the Beast'! Joan

Tonja said...

I am smiling from ear to ear! How adorable! I do hope you have recorded her telling that in her 'own' words!

And what an accomplishment to tell a story! And, to get all the important parts in!

You have obviously told her many, many stories and have no doubt instilled in her a love of literature. Of course, she doesn't know this yet. But, one day she will stop and think and recall where her love of books and storytelling came from. What a gift!

Buttons said...

Oh now this is an adorable reading the, it brings back memories of my girls reading to me. B

Lady Katherine said...

So wonderful, how I would love to find one of these books, I spin on a spinning wheel, and I been sick and asleep for months. I have the OK to try and start back spiinning * weaving soon. Oh, this book love the French one. Thanks for sharing this it wonderful to remember again!

Lady Katherine said...

I wanted to Thank YOU for the sweet comment on my blog. I hope soon to show it all.

Kim Shook said...

Like Mike, reading this brought the memory of Jessica’s Goldilocks rendition. She was four. We’ve only had it on DVD for a few weeks and I’ve already watched it 6 times! Do, DO capture it on tape (or whatever you are supposed to say now in this digital world). Pictures are wonderful, but there is NOTHING like being able to watch the play of ideas over an animated face and seeing a furrowed brow and that look of concentration.

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Rachel, When I read this it was the sweetest story I have ever heard. Sweetpea is adorable and her telling of Sleeping Beauty has me still smiling. The telling of stories was always a big thing in our family.I was an avid reader when I was small and your post brought back a memory. Your stories often do. That is the charm of the stories you tell.
My memory is of an older cousin who was persuaded to tell us a story when she was our babysitter. There was six kids in our family. She was not too keen on telling us anything except to "SHUT UP." The story began, she had the book but was not reading it at all. Having memorized the book I began to let her know that she was cheating by not reading every word. Of course, all h... broke loose and everyone ended up crying. She ended up being mean spirited her whole life. How sad for her.

I still grew up to be a happy person so I guess I wasn't marked by her action. HA!

About that fruitcake...Did you eat it??? HA! I agree, she should have not said a word. A great story.

It is good to be home and back to my busy normal. Smile.

Wishing happy days to you and especially Sweetpea.

Love, Jeanne