Monday, October 22, 2012



Prettier in Pink than Andie Walsh.


We went tea-shopping (talk about narrowing down your purpose) this weekend, and as we strolled past a market, Chris said, “Look at those UGLY Pumpkins!   Who would buy one of those?”


I turned, expecting a display of one of the homelier branches of Hubbard Squash, and LO!!!   There were the most wonderful, smooth, cool pumpkins I’ve ever seen, like pastelly marble carved by a master artist.  I said, “OHHHH, they’re BEEEEUUUUtiful!   I’ve been wanting to get one of those for several years!”


As Chris reflected on my taste/eyesight/mental state, a young man emerged from the front door.  “Do you REALLY like these?   PLEASE take one!”


The card read “$4.99,” and I was ready to get one at most any reasonable price, but I didn’t choose the most gourd for my money.   I passed by the bigger ones, the shapelier ladies with the Camay complexions and the girlish stems, in favor of a smallish plump cutie peeping shyly from the far back corner.   I scooched past Chris, who was fishing for his wallet, and picked her up carefully with both hands, feeling the pleasant heft of her shape and the satiny-smooth skin and the absolute COOL of personality and temperature. 


The gracious young man said, “Oh, no---just take it with you; everybody wants the other ones for Jack-O-Lanterns.”


And so I carried her to the car with the gravity and care I use when carrying my one Waterford vase outdoors, or a very special teapot, or one of the Breakfast Frogs, clutched to my bosom to prevent escape onto that slate floor.

We belted her in, (I was hoping you wouldn't notice the magic wand in the picture), and we ARE going to take her out for a spin ---Caro's upstairs stitching little mouse waistcoats and we're setting our clocks for 11:55.


Pear tree cottage! said...

O! I truly love your pumpkin.... isn’t it the exact same one that turned into a coach for Cinderella?.....were are the grand daughters when you need them???to tell us all about it!!! I know they would know......its beautiful my friend.

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

A great pumpkin story. Good enough for Charlie Brown...HA! A sweet pumpkin and I too love the pretty soft color. Lucky you! I am sure you charmed it right into your possession. Enjoy!

Since we are in FL for Halloween we will not be buying pumpkins this year. This coming weekend is another Gator game against GA. We always play this game in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. This game was our first date 50 years ago. Wow, I just thought of that. Our daughter lives here and that is one of the reasons we are in FL right now. I hope we win because we are undefeated so far. Go Gators.Our other dtr lives in Kissimmee and we all have season tickets together. Fun times.

I left you a PS comment too. It feels good to have time to play on my computer. The boys are at school and my dtr and SIL are working. Free time, YAY!
Love, Jeanne

Kim Shook said...

That is exactly my pumpkin this year! They are called ‘Cinderella’ pumpkins or sometimes ‘Fairy Tale’ pumpkins (how perfect for you!) and are sometimes greenish, though mine was called pink. After Halloween they were 10 for $10 at Kroger and I had a hard time resisting. Mike and Jessica agreed with Chris, I think.