Friday, August 10, 2012


No words enough to tell you the fun and laughing and talktalk and dining and more talk, more talk, til we were brimmed full and overflowing.   I cannot remember a more fun weekend in a LONG time---it’s really memorable when you laugh so much your face hurts.

Lots more telling and pictures---just for now, the bounty of homemade cookies Kim made for us.  I’ll get her to “guest tell” about the kinds and maybe the recipes later.

And the photos don’t show the absolute marvel of those cookies---they are IMMENSE.   That Macy box measures about six inches high and at least fourteen square---it could have held a good-sized Spring hat, with room for coupla new hankies and a pair of white gloves.

We ate some just for nibbles, and several at our “picnic” lunch, and brought home several dozen.  Since Kim had quoted Annelle Dupuy’s “freezes beautifully,” I’ve opted to save most of them for a little tea party we’re having next month, so we’ll have a “Kim Dish” on the table.   Somebody who makes all this, including melting-crisp butter cookies neatly stitched with little fork-pokes all round REALLY loves you.

They were already wrapped in fours or sixes in layers of Saran, with the delicate Butter ones in twos, and Caro managed to get nearly all of them into this handy air-tight box in her freezer.    She had to uproot the two ice creams, hers and ours, from their accustomed center stage, and though the vanilla was as laid back and mellow as usual, the Fudge Tracks was grumpy and stuck his tongue out in a razzberry every time we opened the door.

I just like walking by and opening the door to gaze on all the love and meaning in that box.

   The trip was all we hoped and much more, so Moire non when I get more organized.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rachel:
Oh how we wish that we lived close to and were friendly with Kim. The biscuits look absolutely delicious and would grace any Afternoon Tea table......especially ours!!!!!

As you say, just the look of the biscuits showed that they were made with passion and will surely taste absolutely divine. We are certain, however, that we would not have had the willpower necessary to house the biscuit box in the freezer.They would have been eaten in an instant here!

How well we can imagine your laughing until your face hurt.....what a marvellous time you had!!

racheld said...

I'm going to send a copy of this note off to her right now---she just e-mailed to tell of their busy weekend coming up.

OUR weekend was one of the most enjoyable of my life, and we did almost nothing but TALK.

Aren't those some of the best times?

Kim Shook said...

I’m flattered that the first thing you posted about was my cookies! With all the wonders that were our weekend together, that you picked those first is amazing! Because, dear readers, we had a BLAST! Talk, laugh, tell stories and then do it all over again. We interrupted each other and finished sentences just like family. One of the best weekends ever. Those cookies are our four family favorites – I kept some aside for Jessica and when I gave them to her, she just dug in and ooohhed and aaahhhed and said “all my favorites, all my favorites”. They are my special peanut butter cookies, my oatmeal Raisinettes, chewy ginger cookies with Sugar Babies and an old, old recipe called ‘Dream Cookies’ that are just the most simple butter cooky in the world. If anyone really wants the recipes for any of them, I’ll be glad to send Rachel the links to my online recipe webpage. I’ll be blogging this, too, and I was there for every minute, but I can’t WAIT to read about my weekend here at Lawn Tea. My life, bio-ed by my favorite writer. Who could ask for better?

Jane and Lance - thank you so much for your kind words. I've wished a number of times that I lived so close to YOU!

Chesapeake said...

SWEEEET indeed! So glad you four finally got together again! Really looking forward to hearing more next month!

Carolyn said...

Oh, those cookies look delish!
And I am soooo impressed with how
neat your freezer is!

So glad you had a laughing good time. Would love to see some of those recipes if Kim shares.

I'm off to reorganize my freezer!

Jess said...

I would like to encourage you all to hang out more often, as I enjoyed the fringe benefits immensely.

Beverly said...

What could be more fun than talk, talk, talk. Well, maybe cookies, cookies, cookies.