Thursday, December 17, 2009


Here's the tableful of goodies for clients and friends---not nearly all of what we made, but it looks pretty, all arrayed like that. We swap the pretty cloths for an old red vinyl picnic sheet, and use a lot of Windex on the two glass tables, for candy-making is messy work.

Clockwise from One O'clock: Cappuccino Fudge, Plain Fudge, Chex Mix, Chocolate Chip Drop Cookies, Kahlua Fudge with Chocolate Coffee Beans, Rocky Road with the little cut marshmallows showing, more cookies, and a plate of Kahlua Brownies.

Mid-ways are the Peanut Butter Loaves and a platter of sliced loaves.

This time of year, I wonder if the Revenooers might think we've got a still in the basement, turning out 'Shine. That's the way they used to catch a lot of bootleggers in the South, by the amount of sugar they were buying, going from store to store for a hundred pounds here, and fifty there. And we haul it home with the wagon draggin'---like we're driving Thunder Road.

Some crisp, salty snacks to counteract all that sugar---Caro's Chex Mix:

Caro made Miss Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies, with oatmeal, chocolate chips, coconut and pecans:

And I'm the candy-making Elf---Kahlua Fudge, with a couple of shots of Espresso Syrup and Kahlua:

Cappuccino Fudge, with a shot of Espresso syrup in the recipe:

Just plain Fudge, creamy and chocolatey---I love its color and shine:

Rocky Road, with roasted peanuts and tiny marshmallows tossed with melted Ghirardelli:

Reese's Loaves---the bottom is the old-fashioned recipe for Peanut Butter Fudge, with extra-crunchy, left to sit in the pans til cool and firm, then a small pour of plain fudge on top.

The platter has to be empty by Christmas Morning---that's where the Banana Bread by my Mother's recipe goes, with a little dish of softened cream cheese alongside.

The loaves cut into giving-size portions---you can see they're in thirds, with little rounded corners on some---this is a VERY rich candy. I advise cutting it in little short-ways slices, rather than the big ones on the platter above.

And one more look at the shining, lovely original, from which all the recipes spring:

We wish all of you a Sweet, Sweet Christmas,


Nail said...

Merry Christmas my sweet sister....I want to be 21 again, I want to come over to your house about 6:00 pm Christmas Eve...I want to eat white bean soup and cornbread and open presents from us to y'all....(only some people understand this). I want to be able to sit on your bed and tell you that my boyfriend is a @#*^%$ and hear you tell me that you know and have known that he was that way and that you are glad that I now know...I want to ask you to help my baby girl write her paper at Ole Miss where "all our family goes to school" (from The Blindside but true for our family). I also would love some of your Christmas candy and I'm sorry I live so far away because I would be at your house in about 15 minutes...

Southern Lady said...

Your candies all look like they would melt in your mouth, Rachel. I felt as if I was a child in a candy store and couldn't decide which one to choose.

And what sweet reminiscing from your sister. It's a shame you are separated by miles, especially this time of year.

I hope you and your little one's day is filled with sweet memories in the making.

Tonja said...

Oh, my! Those peanut butter loaves with chocolate on top look so yummy I can hardly stand it! The only better than peanut butter mixed with chocolate!

It all looks wonderful, and I am sure the house must smell divine!

Cape Coop said...

Have the happiest of Christmas times, I send you love and good wishes! Your presence in this world is as sweet as the sweetest of your confections, and then some!