Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A little bit of a “down” day today---our dear Kitty has been in very bad health for several weeks, and she passed away yesterday. We buried her way out in the back garden, in the hosta bed, with an arborful of birds and the windchimes to sweeten the air. We stopped along I-65 and picked up one large fallen stone in each state we passed through on the way home from Chris’ Dad’s funeral, and made a little memory garden for GrandDaddy out among the hostas. And now Kitty rests there, beneath one of the stones.

She came to us in 2001, just appearing on the patio one day, and gladly accepted the food that we put out for her each day. She slept in the shed for a while, and then on Halloween, the newscasters said to “bring in all your pets---there are crazies out there.”

So she came in, and here she stayed. The vet said at that time that she could be somewhere between twelve and fifteen, so we gave her the benefit, as befits a lady of a certain age---twelve she was. She was a lush smoky gray, like long-cut velvet, with the most intense emerald eyes---even the pupils were a bright green, even in daylight. She loved lying in the sunlight, standing to watch out the screen door, a certain spot on the back of the living room sofa, and our daughter Caro.

Over the years, Kitty lost all her teeth, and became a confirmed Fancy Feast Girl, though some finely minced Sam’s chicken in her dish would bring her from anywhere in the house---the Waltons missed out on their own Morris in not having her as their spokescat.

We don’t know of her life before she appeared on our patio, but she lived a wonderful life---she had two ferrets and a big blue bird as animal companions, as well as a drove of little folks who loved her and gave her all the petting she wanted. She slept where she pleased, took in all the drama of the flora and fauna all around the yard, and had her own private pot of catnip year-round on the sunny windowsill.

She had gotten to be an older, settled lady when she came to us, and I’m glad she found us when she did, to ease her Golden Years.

---------------------------KITTYDEAR 1989? --- 2009--------------------------------


Tonja said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I know how close pets can become to your heart. I hope she didn't suffer. And, I pray that the memories of her will bring you a sense of peace. God bless.

Southern Lady said...

Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear about Kitty. I know you are going to miss her and my heart goes out to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel, I'm sorry to hear about Kitty also. I know what pets can mean to you--actually part of the family. We had the sweetest beagle in Greenwood. She used to sit at my feet during my afternoon reads outside in the big ole swing and catch mosquitoes before they could hit my dangling legs. Nobody would believe that but Jerry and my two children are eye-witnesses. Then, Patrick had a sheltie which he left with us when he went away to college. While Jerry was in Birmingham and I was still waiting in Madison to get my transfer here, that sweet dog was my best friend and definitely saved me nights of agonizing lonesomeness. She followed me everywhere I went and even sat near the tub while I was bathing. Love you as high as the moon, Cousin Maggie

racheld said...

Thank you all---it's Caro who misses her most, of course---they had the upstairs all to themselves, and were boon companions. I asked her a couple of weeks ago, when we knew that time was near, if she was one to go immediately for another, and she said she needed a lot of time to just BE before doing that.

And Maggie---I'm so glad you decided to chime in after all this time. You're one of my favorite correspondents.

First star on the right,

Rebecca said...

Oh, Rachel- we're so sorry for your loss.

racheld said...

Thank you, Dear Friend. I think of you every day, especially when the Ibrik is singing its throaty little chuckle and the steam is rising. We're still going to walk in the garden and tell each other's fortunes.