Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm getting questions and comments about THE SAUCE in the Chick fil A post, so a word of explanation or description or salivation---what you will.

I'm just befuddled that so many people in THE SOUTH don't know about the sauce---we of the pit barbecue and the long-smoked ribs and shoulders and butts. There's a long-held idea in the air that Deep South babies get their first taste of barbecue sauce through an Evenflo, so they won't miss out on such a good thing before they have teeth.

And they DO keep it behind the counter, whether for sanitary reasons or economic bottom-line per-person allowance or just plain to keep it in stock from all of us who'd klep whole handfuls of the teensy tubs. You have to ASK; maybe out of sight means never thought of, and those of us who do know can't imagine that there's someone who DOESN'T, so folks miss out on a GOOD thing.

The little packets aren't like ketchup tubes; they're made on the same die-mold that the packs of Smucker's and Kraft readi-serve jam and jelly come in---small rectangular plastic bowls with a stuck-on bit of prissy plastic to keep them pristine.

And the contents are a nirvanish elixir of browny-pinky-red, with a thought of Southern sweetness and a delicate whiff of the pit-smoke. No other bottled sauce can equal it; it's gentle on the smoke, flavorful and just the perfect topping for that moist, tender hunk-a hunk-a chicken. And the waffle-fries---oh what a combination!!! All those mayo-dippers in Europe would add this to their recipe in a heartbeat, and probably claim it besides.

That's all for now, lest I get even more Stepford on the subject. Take my word. It's the best sauce there is, and I DO wish they'd bottle it. Don't see it happening, but having a fix in the fridge would sure quell the cravings.

Ask for THE SAUCE.


Kendall @ designbykendall said...

Just found your blog from a comment at Celebrations at home. I loooove Chick-fil-A bbq sauce! Unfortunately I always seem to crave it on Sundays when it is closed!

Good to find another southern blogger! (I know Texas isn't always counted as the "South" but I went to school in MS so that counts :))

racheld said...

It's nice to hear from someone from "Back Home," and via Texas, as well.

My Sis would swear the SOUTH encompasses Texas---it's been her home for quite a few years, and she's a G.R.I.T.S. Girl through and through.