Sunday, February 15, 2009


Words I like the sound of:

lavender incredulous mimicry importune abbreviate synonym

altitude fomenting reprobate curmudgeon replete fortify

beneath precision infinite oceanic frenzy perfume lower launch grate rosy ability

jounce volumes bannister forthwith secure unfurl carpocket fluff sesame cheddar

ratchet doorway plausible fairy sculpture replete chocolate magazine highchair

quicken étagère recline admit duvet branch chime gatepost lamplight meringue

calico organdy entertain antique effigy

bridge stonework cabinet parquet armament chainmail marmoset soliloquy

enterprise magnum bisque flight skyline plenty approve minimal

forage marquetry entrance (both meanings, but I like best the one of magical charm, which rhymes with dance)

Speaking of words, one of my favorite Wordsmiths is Miss Fannie Flagg. I picked up another copy of Fried Green Tomatoes yesterday; she WAS, as they say, travelin' in High Cotton---the only copy in the store, sandwiched right between two giants: Fitzgerald and Flaubert.

Dadgum Right.

And a new game that’s fascinating:

Pick a word---any one with any other word INSIDE it somewhere:

Example: aMENDment

Now, take the inside word, substitute its OPPOSITE in its place, and then define the new word you’ve made.

aRIPment----a change for the worse

apPEARrance apPRUNEance---your looks after 65-----Both by Billie Hobart

There are loads of them online, as people catch on and start thinking of their own. Just from the above group, as I scan the words:

mARMoset mLEGoset----a child’s delight at his new building toy

oceANic oceTHEic---------water worship

meRINGue meOVALue-------Self-worth

Somebody stop me.

The very cleverest of the original dozen, I think, is:


tWRITEmill-----A device that turns out monotonous, hackneyed essays

Sherrill Foote

All opinions or contributions to both of the above are most welcome.


Jon said...

A visit to your blog always brings a smile to my face..just delightful with a capital "D"! This clever word game is new to me and fun. As that old "Tractors" song lyric said: "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!"

Thanks for something new and fresh and fun to play with.

You rock with words, and words rock us all here in Bloggerland and, for that matter, everywhere.
Jon at Mississippi Garden

Tonja said...

I like 'serendipity' 'perspicacious' motherhood' 'perplexed' 'sensational' 'clever'

Like the new word game...I'll try it.

racheld said...

Good Morning to you both!!

I've always been a WORD person, whereas my Sis is a Math Maven. I think there's a gray smudgy thumbprint in my brain, like the blur the cop shows on TV spread over the faces of the innocent---that's where my Math spot lives.

But words---they're magical.