Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Some days you're just in a hazy mood, a slow and hesitant pace to the day, and sometimes you need a bright. This has been one of those odd days, with everyone moving at a gentle saunter and speaking softly in near-murmurs.

Our little one came early today, having risen shortly after five and rousing the house with her---she was ready to play, then, and now, after a dawnish breakfast of donut holes, fresh from her Aunt Caro's bakery, and soft, skillet warmed little flicks of tender pink ham, she, too is in that lazy spot, singing to herself upstairs in her big white bed.

And I just went to a wonderful place, of music and beautiful colors and a tender story. It's to be seen on the blog of a new friend, amongst all the bright of his gardens and the old touches of home. And there's enough bright to fill your eyes for days.

I know he won't mind if I share---it's peaceful and soothing and evocative of so many things and feelings---just right for a just-before-sleep lulling, or a morning like today.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the first page. It's Don McLean and Van Gogh---the very soul of both.

moire non,


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Jon said...

Thanks for your kind words and compliments about my blog site. Actually I created it just for my beloved sister who lived in Montana so she could see what I was piddling around with in the yard here. Sadly she passed away in Sept. 2007 following a long illness, but she had told me she enjoyed it even though it made her homesick for Mississippi. (You can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the girl as her Montana husband liked to say.) I looked at your great posts over at and at You ought to copy and paste them into this wonderful blog here. I can see the basics and bones in them for many interesting short stories. I loved your reference to "piminna cheese", which how I still pronounce it. Clue me in on what Tawandaland is please! Thanks also for the explanation of that delightful quote about "Fairy Tea" as I was not familiar with Linda Ravenscroft. Also, the happy flashback to Leonard's where we used to enjoy going on Memphis weekends years ago when I was an Ole Miss student.

Jon at Mississippi Garden