Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I just saw an interesting typo in a another blog---it was a sign-off from a poster, and she wished the blogger, “Blessigns.”

I like that. We just oughta recognize more of those signs than we do, I think. It could be a color, or a breeze, or a beautiful sunrise, a line we read or hear, or even a rainy day that hinders something we meant to do, but what we do instead is ever so much more meaningful---and we usually don’t even know it. It might even be a person whom we don't even consider important or interesting or worth our time, but there could be a wonderful gift awaiting the taking.

I’m going to start really looking out for BLESSIGNS---they must be everywhere, if I’d just raise my eyes from the dishpan or the monitor or the little day-to-days that are waiting, same as always, day after day.

There’s a New Year a-comin’ and that’s going to be my #1 Resolution:

Keep a lookout for Blessigns.

They’re out there. And in here. I just have to be more aware and more interested and alert, and there they’ll be. I don’t think it was accidental that I saw that odd little word on this next-to-last day of this whole year, and I really shouldn’t wait for the New one to begin my search.

And on the brink of a WHOLE NEW YEAR, I wish BLESSIGNS to everyone. That’s a nice wish---I wish I’d thought of it before.

moire nother year,



Ondine said...


The typos I notice are sadly never that profound. Usually embarrassing. :P

Yes, this year I will look out for blessigns.

racheld said...

And may you find many, many.